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Digital cameras.... Problem with zoom lens?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Al Kondo, Jun 14, 2004.

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  1. Al Kondo

    Al Kondo Guest

    I am considering buying my first digital camera. I am in the market
    for a good brand with a 3 megapixel capability and a 3x zoom lens.
    Because I have purchased Canon products in the past, I have been
    leaning towards their line of digitals. The Canon that fits my
    particular bill and at a pretty good price is the Canon A70.
    However, when I went online to research it, I found that it has a
    problem with its zoom lens. It shows as an "E18" error and it is a
    fairly common quoted problem from owners of this camera. I would
    like to know if the problem with zoom lens, operated by a motor is a
    common one to all cameras of this kind? I would like to hear from
    people who have had their digitals for more than 6 months so that a
    good use period has occurred.

    I called Canon tech support today about the A70 and the E18 error.
    The tech did not indicate any specific knowledge about this problem.
    I mentioned that a quick search on Google will give him a great deal.

    I would also appreciate any suggestions for good digital cameras with
    my specifications in the $200 or so range.

    Thanks, Al Kondo
  2. Bob Parker

    Bob Parker Guest

    Hi Al,
    I've had an Olympus C-350 (known as the D-560 in North America) for
    13 months, which has taken close to 3,000 photos. I haven't had any
    problems with its 3x zoom lens. I know about 6 others with the same
    model camera, and no reports of trouble from them either. I think
    Olympus digitals take incredibly good photos.
    The C-350/D-560 has been superceded now, but presumably the new
    ones use much the same optics and drive components.
    If you're interested in pictures taken by this camera, have a look
    at and also follow the links.

  3. Better asked in

  4. I myself have a Canon S-40. It has been rated very well, and does work
    how I expected.

    I am now considering a Canon SLR type digital camera. I am planning
    for this for the fall. This way I can use their SLR lenses and get in
    to some serious photo taking.

    I have not chosen a model as of yet, but it will be something like the
    Rebel series, but a bit higher up.

    As for the Canon products they are usually very good. Just like any of
    the others, it is possible that they may have some models that are not
    as good as others that they have.

    When asking their support person(s) about specific faults, I would not
    think they will tell you anything discouraging, especialy if the
    support person(s) likes their job!

    I would go by the independent ratings, and decide from there.

    I would also suggest to get an extended warranty with any of these
    cameras. If the camera dies after the base warranty is up, this is
    going to be expensive. You will not be able to service this type of
    camera yourself, or at the regular service shop. They are too

    The drawback on any of these digital cameras is that after a number of
    years, there will not be any parts available for service. Usually the
    lifespan of service would be about 5 to 7 years. The parts in these
    are propriotory, and once they are no longer available, the camera
    will be scrap if it goes defective. They are just like computers, home
    appliances, TV's, VCR's, and the rest.

    My suggestion is to only buy something that will do your job the way
    you want. I would not put a large amount of money in to anything
    extra, unless required. This is because of the mentioned obsolesence
    and service problem. Take care however, about quality, and support of
    whatever camera you invest in.

    Jerry G.

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