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Digibox digital UHF versus analogue UHF

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by N Cook, Sep 6, 2006.

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  1. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    I'm assuming its the failing of digital systems compared to analogue.
    But for the record cheapest and nasty Durabrand PSTB 1 freeview box for
    multiplexed digital transmitted on UHF.
    There is some normal loss of signal problems on a few channels leading to
    partial loss of picture and/or sound or even total loss of content due to
    ,presumably, inadequate aerial, (occurs when the sun is in line with the
    aerial but behind the Yaggi reflector end ).
    But real query concerns on odd occassions for very strong digital channels
    where there is never any partial loss there is sometimes cutting from normal
    sound and vision to total loss, immediately, without any partial loss state,
    maybe due to a few cycles of mains voltage dropping out. Only occurs perhaps
    once a month so no problem really
    The channel will stay off unless you reset by changing up and back down a
    channel or switching off and back on.
    But last week recording to VCR this happpened so no human intervention to
    reset so 3/4 hour of perfect black video and silence until, via the internal
    timer settings, it was changed to another channel and reset to that channel
    and stayed perfectly with it to the end of that programme. Not a
    transmission fault.
    Is this intractable ? , ie the failing of digital systems over analogue
    where some information gets through however degraded on sound or vision but
    with digital, in this version anyway, it cannot recover of its own accord ,
    or just a bug with this brand ?.
  2. skyclad

    skyclad Guest

    With freeview on air you need to have a clean signal no ghosting and
    not too weak and not too strong. You may find an attenuator may help to
    stop the box locking up. I had a similar problem with a Pace unit which
    was fixed by a 6db attenuator. The cable needs to be proper 75ohm
    Lowloss as well. If your using old cable its worth changing.
  3. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    So you've seen exactly this latch up to zero sound and vision on a different
    make ?
    With this one it coincided with the same week removing a mains powered
    aerial booster that was still there for getting a viewable but not perfect
    weekest analogue UHF signal ( the digital version is now perfect) , the
    partial dropouts on the week digital channels became much improved but it
    would seem the strong digital channels could become prone to this total
    dropout problem.
  4. CWatters

    CWatters Guest

    Several digital TV channels are transmitted on one digital multiplex so
    whatever effects the multiplex usually effects all the channels on that
    multiplex. How many transmitters are within range of southampton? Is it
    possible that the weak channels are actually coming from a multiplex on the
    "wrong" transmitter? If so try looking for a better version of the same TV
    channels coming from the right transmitter..

    Enter post code here to get details of the transmitters you might be seeing.
  5. CWatters

    CWatters Guest

    I meant to say get your aerial checked first.

    We just moved into a rented house and the aerial on the roof is designed to
    pickup the lower part of the TV band. That gives great analog TV recieption
    but all the digital multiplexes are in the upper part of the band - so no
    digital TV at all until the aerial is changed to a wide band aerial.
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