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differential mode noise

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Aug 22, 2005.

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    what causes differential mode noise..can u explain with reference any
    power converter...buck,boost any?
    how it is generated and how it propagates to source
  2. If you have a signal line referred to a common, and any voltage gets
    added (put in series) between them, that is a differential noise. One
    of the most common causes is the signal to common loop encloses
    changing magnetic field, which induces voltage in the loop. It is
    also possible for changing electric field that terminates on both
    signal and common lines to cause currents that produce different
    voltages due to different impedances in the path of each of the
    currents, and this will cause differential noise.

    In power converter circuits, the magnetic and electric fields can
    originate in the converter, itself, and contaminate voltage reference
    or voltage or current measurement signals. More often, differential
    noise is caused just by the large current and rate of change of
    current in traces and planes that cause these conductors (that are
    often expected to be zero drop nodes) to have significant voltage
    differences between different locations due to resistance and inductance.
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