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Different Revision / Version Fluke 6071A

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by [email protected], Jun 26, 2008.

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    I recently purchased a Fluke 6070A RF Signal Generator on eBay.
    While I was playing with it I noticed that the Spin Knob has 18
    magnetic detents per full revolution resulting in 18 counts per
    compleat revolution instead of the 25 counts per revolution that both
    the user manual and datasheet say it should have.
    Also the Instruments default setting when turned from the cold is:-
    Freq. = 300 MHz and Amplitude = -10 dBm. (This instrument does not
    have the Non-Volatile Memory option fitted i.e. -570 ) where as the
    standard power-on setup listed on page 5E-2 of the Operator Manual
    states that the Frequency ddisplayed should be 250 MHz and Amplitude
    -60dBm. I also have my suspicion with regard to the FM deviation
    limits but that's a bit more complicated to check as there is an
    interaction with the Modulating frequency and Output frequency.
    The guy I bought it from says he has a number of these all the same.
    So what have I actually got ? I can find no reference to it on the
    Were there a couple of different versions or did they do custum
    versions for some customers. ?
    Apart from this the instrument works as expected.
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