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Difference between VCR varieties

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by KellyClarksonTV, Oct 8, 2004.

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  1. Could someone please explain or help direct me to an explaination of what the
    difference between, say, a 2-head and a 4-head VCR, a Hi-Fi and Lo-Fi VCR, so
    forth ... also, are any VCR's out there able to record quadraphonic or dolby
    5.1/7.1, even though a good majority of TV shows recordable are Stereo or
    Monoaural ...

  2. Karl Uppiano

    Karl Uppiano Guest

    VCRs use rotating heads for the video signal. The heads are mounted on a
    rotating drum. 2 heads are sufficient for normal speed video, but for still
    and slo-mo, you need 4 heads. It has to do with being synchronized with the
    tape speed, video scan rate and the frame rate. The heads need to be at the
    right place at the right time, or else you get flicker and static. Two heads
    don't meet that requirement, but 4 heads, evenly spaced around the drum, do.
    Some units have video erase heads mounted on the rotating drum also, for
    video editing applications.

    There are two stationary heads for audio and frame sync tracks along the
    edge of the tape, as well as a stationary erase head. Because of the
    relatively low tape speed, the sound on the "original standard" linear
    tracks isn't the greatest, especially when you split the audio track in half
    for two-channel stereo. Therefore, a means to record high-fidelity stereo
    audio on the video tracks was developed, using the high-speed rotating
    heads. The audio and the video are recorded in such a way that they don't
    interfere with each other very much -- but VHS Hi-Fi still sounds inferior
    to the audio on CDs and DVDs. With the addition of Hi-Fi audio, the VHS
    format is stretched just about as far as the technology will take it. To the
    best of my knowledge, the VHS Hi-Fi format is two-channel stereo only. A lot
    of less expensive Hi-Fi units actually can't record in Hi-Fi, they can only
    record on the "Lo-Fi" linear tracks.
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