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Difference between two quadrant and four quadrant energy meters

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Jaspreet, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. Jaspreet

    Jaspreet Guest


    What i want to know:
    I just want to ask a very basic question.
    I read it many times that four quadrant energy meters are
    bi-directional and two quadrant energy meters are uni-directions (or
    ratcheted). I want to know what are these four quadrants ( preferebly
    on cartesian chart shown below)and how does a meter operated in these
    four quadrants?

    4 Quadrant and 2 quadrant action of a motor is described below. But a
    meter can't act as a generator. Then why people describe meters as two
    quadrant meters and four quadrant meters.

    What i know :
    In motor/generator operation, the term two quadrant/ four quadrant
    comes from the speed vs. torque chart. It is normally a Cartesian
    coordinate chart where the +/- speed is the x axis and the torque is
    in the +/- y axis. See chart [hopefully intact]

    II o| I
    q| speed
    III | IV

    Two quadrant means that the motor drive operates between quandrant I
    and III. These types of motor can not stop instantly and reverse

    Four quadrant motor drive operate in all four quadrants. These types
    of drives can do both "motoring" (I & III) and generating (II & IV).
    The motor acts as a generator when its inertia is continues to rotate
    it one way when it is in reverse rotation.


    Please explain it in cartesian coardinates, if possible.

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