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diesel particulate trap?

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Robert Morein, Aug 23, 2004.

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  1. Are there add-ons for small diesel generators?
  2. GIYF
  3. Thanks for the tip.
    There seem to be devices that require heat to work, and require an intimate
    connection to the engine.
    Then there are others that might just hang off the exhaust. That's what I'm
    looking for.
  4. Aw, so you knew the answer was YES
  5. Mercedes used to have on on their early 300Ds, but they were removed
    for free under a recall, so apparently they didn't work very well...
  6. Mike Wilcox

    Mike Wilcox Guest

    Run the exhaust through a bucket of water;~)
  7. Are you serious?
    It seems so simple and very likely effective.
  8. The real question should be how big a bucket of water.

    Your thought is how to legally dispose of the toxic waste this will
  9. Mike Wilcox

    Mike Wilcox Guest

    I live near a marina and see outboard and diesel scum all over the
    surface of the water, so it does seem logical that burbling the exhaust
    in a tank of water would do it, plus could cogenerate heat ;~)
  10. Mike Wilcox

    Mike Wilcox Guest

    Run the water through a fram type filter, discard the filter :~))
  11. What filter model?
  12. I'm not trying to comply with a regulation. I just want to reduce
    inconvenience for my neighbors.
    Even though the unit is for emergency use only, it has to be run
    periodically for maintenance.
  13. Dave Hinz

    Dave Hinz Guest

    What are you going to do with the dirty water?
  14. Guest

    Intelligen ran the exhaust into a drum, eg a 55 gallon drum...

  15. Mike Wilcox

    Mike Wilcox Guest

    I have no idea, surely there must be some kind of off the shelf filter
    for this purpose.
  16. Mike Wilcox

    Mike Wilcox Guest

    If it's filtered it would simply be recycled, topped up when needed
  17. That's not to say I'd stop with a bucket of water.
    If someone points out a filter that doesn't require engine heat to work,
    ie., just bolts onto the plumbing, I'd put it on.
    I don't believe it's good neighbors to put out particulates if it can
    reasonably be prevented.
  18. Sugarite

    Sugarite Guest

  19. I don't know, but I am very sensitive to quality-of-life issues for my
    neighbors. It's one thing to have a diesel car pass on the street; another
    for a stationary generator to waft the exhaust in the direction of one
    neighbor's house for an hour at a time.
    Diesel particulates are implicated strongly as a health hazard and cancer

    Excellent advice, thanks.
  20. I'm sorry to hear that. Thanks again for your help.
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