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diesel engine

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Richard W., May 13, 2005.

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  1. Richard W.

    Richard W. Guest

  2. Vaughn Simon

    Vaughn Simon Guest

    That shipping sure looks expensive! It might be a good product, but
    the seller offers so little information about the engine, I don't see why
    anyone would bother.

  3. pete

    pete Guest

    good engine, very havy, long living and easy to maintain the cooling
    works bij vaporising water (open reservoir) and that needs a regular
    atention to fill it with water

    watch out with freezing with this machine

  4. RF Dude

    RF Dude Guest

    Makes me think of those Hong Kong JUNK boats... put...put... put... put...

    Have a look at the picture of the engine he ran without cooling water. Is
    that scale from hard water that is clogging up the water passages around the
    cylinder? If he hadn't ran the engine dry by accident, it would have done
    this on it's own. This is why we use "anti-freeze" in our water cooled
    engines instead of tap water.
  5. I have a China Diesel 3KW, that has 50K hours on it. It is down for
    rebuild now, and parts are not the easiest to match up. It seems
    every little OEM in china, uses the same basic German Benz design,
    but also uses what ever the cheapiest bearings of close to the right
    size that is around and adjust the castings to match for each run
    of engines. So nothing is standard, and you must actually measure
    the bearing sizes when rebuilding these little engines. Mine
    has different front and rear Main Bearings as well as different
    camshaft bearings than any of the other chinas that I have worked
    on. They are a fair engine and will run forever if you keep the
    BaseOil clean, but when it come to rebuild time, best be prepared for a
    bit of hassel getting the correct parts ordered up.

    Bruce in alaska
  6. Vaughn Simon

    Vaughn Simon Guest

    That is one reason that we buy things from companies like McDonald's
    and Honda, and one reason why Detroit nearly went bust a few decades ago
    before they got the message about quality. A standardized product has more
    value than one that isn't. Even though you may get lucky and buy one of
    these engines and have it last forever, quality still counts.

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