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Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by KellyClarksonTV, Jun 14, 2004.

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  1. I was wondering if battery companies could start installing didoes in
    Non-rechargeable batteries to prevent greedy people from trying to recharge
    them. Also, it would prevent any potential lawsuits that may result from an
    explosion caused by someone trying to recharge non-rechargeable batteries.
    Since didoes are reletively cheap, it would be worth the investment.
  2. With diodes there are internal losses. Depeding on the type, there is
    a 0.3 to about 0.7 Volts of loss. Since there is internal resistance,
    there would be a deficiency loss as well. As for batteries of very
    high amperage, the diode would have to be rather large.

    Jerry G.
  3. So is there a way to efficiently design batteries so no one can attempt to
    recharge them and potentially have them leak or explode?

    Thank you.
  4. Karl Uppiano

    Karl Uppiano Guest

    They could make them all leak *and* explode. Every time. The problem would
    be self-limiting. Pretty soon, all the rechargers would be destroyed.
  5. SumGie

    SumGie Guest

    Um, pardon me, but what exactly is a didoe? Are they really as cheap as you
    say? And why do you want them installed in my batteries? What good will
    they do, when all that is necessary is for people to obey the warning not to
    try recharging?
    I figure if someone gets hurt because they were doing something they were
    told not to do, they deserve to be hurt! Any lawsuits they care to bring
    should be laughed out of court, and if I'm on the jury, you can be sure they
    will be! Attempting to force people to act in a safe manner will always
    fail. They'll find a way to go around you and your rules.
  6. Karl Uppiano

    Karl Uppiano Guest

    There are several reasons you wouldn't want to do this.
    1. Diodes are cheap, but still a significant cost relative to the price of a
    2. Diodes have a 0.2 (germanium), 0.6 to 1.2 volt drop (silicon) when
    conducting in the forward direction, which eats up the better part of the
    1.5 volts provided by the battery itself.
    3. Diodes take up space that could be better used for battery components,
    thus reducing the available power even further.
    4. The percentage of people attempting to recharge non-rechargeable
    batteries is very small, not worth any amount of effort to stop it, beyond
    the warning label that says not to try it.
    5. There are alkaline batteries that are designed to be recharged a few
    times in specially designed chargers for those who feel they must recharge
    alkalines. They're not that much more expensive than regular alkalines.
  7. well, how about in 9-volt batteries? They could just have 7 cells instead of 6
    so the didoe would give the same voltage.
  8. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    Why would anyone care? Would you pay more for a battery that had been made
    more expensive because the manufacturer considered you to be a jerk who had
    to be protected from your own stupidity? Somehow I think the marketing would
    be a touch difficult.

    And are you talking about 'diodes' or 'dildos'? One or 'tother, 'didoe' is
    not a word.

  9. Actually you can get a special charger that can recharge a non rechargable
    battery around 10 times. It done with a special chip that controls the
    charging so no exploding will occur. So I diode would make these chargers
  10. Karl Uppiano

    Karl Uppiano Guest

    Well, that partially offsets item 2, above, but doesn't address 1, 3, 4 and
  11. LinJiah

    LinJiah Guest

    I have a question. These days rechargeable batteries are reletively cheap and
    very effective (almost 1000 charges). Why do people still recharge
    non-rechargeable batteries, given they don't recharge well, are more expensive
    on a per cycle basis, and dangerous?
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