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Did MrNuke Invent the Internet ?

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by [email protected], Jan 12, 2005.

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    This was my entry inti a contest held by the San Jose Mercury News in
    Dec 1985. I have theoriginal hand written copies...and thr print out
    from my PC Jr.

    The Dream Machine
    My dream machine would consist of a workststion with a full color 19"
    flat panel display with a megapixel resolution. This panel could be
    tilted and moved to mamy positions., yet would telescope neatly away in
    to the desk when not in use. The processor unit, tucked away in desk
    drawer, would be no longer than a shoebox, but would have the power of
    a VAX 8600. It would be linked via fiber optic cable to a large
    external database that would contain software, periodicals,
    films,reference materials, books, educational and instructional videos,
    and other information for which there was a demand. Multiple windows
    would allow several teleconference sites to be displayed in real time,
    while applications programs, say a spreadsheet and database, were
    running in other windows. Input would bew by voice recognition,
    wireless mouse, or keyboard.
    The Dream Machine would be able to run 99% of all software ever
    written and would become an industry standard. Capable of displaying
    broadcast quality, real time video in as many as eight windows, the
    dream machine would be more picture and motion oriented than today's
    machines that tend to produce static displays of text and pixels. For
    example, an architect could view a conceptual drawing of a building in
    one window while incorporating changes to the blueprints in another
    window. These changes would be instantly incorporated in to the
    conceptual picture, showing how these changes affect the appearance of
    the building.
    The Dream Machine would be able to receive and record data at a very
    high speed on the removable 3.5 in laser disk. For instance, one could
    record a 30 second educational video in 30 seconds by using the fiber
    optic link and digital compression. Data transfers such as this could
    take place in "off peak" hours for viewing at a later time.
    A home version would have a 40" "hang on the wall" display and be
    networked to the office unit, but it would have access to cable TV and
    recreational software. Video tapes would become obsolete as all
    released films and television shows would be available through the
    database. Windowing capability would enable the user to monitor
    several sporting events while teleconferencing with a friend in one of
    the other available windows.
    A machine such as this should satisfy almost everyone's need for data
    processing, information retrieval, communications, and home

    Mark Maupin
    December 31, 1985
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