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Did I get ripped off?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Anonymous Sender, Feb 8, 2004.

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  1. Bought a couple of kits from them:

    The traffic kit and the lidar kit are almost identical. Dont believe they work.

  2. Garrett Mace

    Garrett Mace Guest

    I can't believe: 1. That anyone would be so stupid as to use something so
    obviously illegal, and 2. That they would pay nearly $200 for a couple of
    pulsed IR LED arrays.

    Yes, you got ripped off, but you deserved it.
  3. JD Steffen

    JD Steffen Guest

    I agree. Besides the legal issues involved here, if you has only taken the
    to look at their website a little closer, you would have even seen that the
    pictures for both items were identical!

    Tsk Tsk

  4. Neil

    Neil Guest

    You bought something that is illegal to use, and it doesn't work.,
    who ya going to call to complain????.
    Stupid, stupid boy.
  5. Dbowey

    Dbowey Guest

    I hope you got rippped-off, you low-life.
  6. Neil

    Neil Guest

    You stupid little shit;...
    The first three kits are EXACTLY the same picture, the unit is just "tuned"
    to different frequencies, using the on-board potentiometer. You bought the
    same kit twice. Hell, why didn't you buy the infrared jammer as well?...then
    you would have bought the same kit 3 times!.
  7. Joe

    Joe Guest

    You may be able to use the high power infrared array to take night pictures
    with a digital camera tho. :)

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