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Develop your own mixed-signal IC

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Microdul AG, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. Microdul AG

    Microdul AG Guest

    Learn how to design your own product using the MD semi-custom CMOS arrays.
    We will show you a low cost PC-based system for schematic entry, simulation
    and layout in this one day workshop. The workshop is particularly useful for
    people who require ultra-low-power (nA), mixed signal products. The workshop
    will be held on March 30, 2006 in Bristol, UK.

    For further details and registration see

    Phil Poole
    Director Semiconductors

    Microdul AG
    Grubenstr 9
    8045 Zürich, Switzerland
  2. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    I cannot walk that far from the US west coast...
  3. Genome

    Genome Guest

    I am also have similar problems wiv Bristol coz it am somewhere in Wales up
    river Severn. Walk on water iz easy but bus driver in Cardiff spot 'not
    Welsh person' from miles and am make you take N0.1 bus or kidnap you for
    marry to uggly daughter called MifanWee which am have somefink to do wiv
    oral sex plus urination.

    Ov course if you am subscribe to broadband ......

  4. Come offit, MifanWee is the sheep

    wellys at the ready

  5. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    LOL!!!!!!! Now that is the best so far-LOL
  6. Hi Phil,
    how are things going in Zurich?
    Please send my regards to the other ex-philips/faselec guys.
    Isn't Urs now rowing for microdul ?
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