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Design for LED Color Organ

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by LightBoy, Mar 10, 2005.

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  1. LightBoy

    LightBoy Guest

    Greetings to all -

    I am designing a device that uses 7 modules of colored LED's that will
    be used for a specific purpose for a client. As part of that design, my
    client wants to be able to modulate these 7 modules with sound - voice,
    music, etc. (Either by microphone or low level input from a music
    I have found several schematics on the Internet labeled as "color
    organs" but most are only one or two channels - and virtually all use
    SCR's to modulate Line Voltage to control incandescent lamps. Does
    anyone have - or can anyone point me to where I can find at least a 4
    channel schematic - that could be adapted to each channel controlling a
    cluster of 6 LED's?
    I would be very grateful for any information anyone here could supply.
    Very best regards.......
    Don H
  2. Rob Gaddi

    Rob Gaddi Guest

    Modulate is a very vague word in this context. More specific
    description of the desired relationship between sound and each light
    will lead to more useful answers.
  3. LightBoy

    LightBoy Guest

    Thank you for your response. I will try to clarify. By "modulate" I
    mean the intensity of illumination of each 6 LED module would vary in
    sync with the volume level of the music - within each specified
    bandwidth of any channel's frequency. As is Low - Medium and High
    frequency bands. Is that more helpful?
  4. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Just make some bandpass filters, rectify and filter their outputs, and
    use the voltages to control the LED power supplies.

    Good Luck!
  5. Luhan Monat

    Luhan Monat Guest


    Look up Color Organ on my site listed below. It should be able to drive
    some LED's in place of the 110 volt solid-state relays. This unit has 6
    channels and does everything in software. The outputs are proportional
    to the signal level from six software filters.
  6. LightBoy

    LightBoy Guest

    Thank You for your reply! You have a GREAT looking site - and have done
    some really neat stuff!

    It may be I will use something similar to your design - but I was
    hoping to find something without going to a PIC design. But what you
    have created certainly intrigues me. A PIC programmer I am not, but I
    have a good friend who is.

    Thank you again for showing me a really neat design!
    Don H
  7. LightBoy

    LightBoy Guest

    Thanks, Rich,

    I guess I was hoping to find something "ready made" and not have to
    experiment too much. Like not having to "re-invent the wheel." A
    previous reply by Luhan Monat (above) intrigues me - but I will look
    into your suggestion also.

    Many thanks for taking the time to reply and for your kind help ....
    Don H
  8. Paul Mathews

    Paul Mathews Guest

    National Semi has out a brand new chip designed to drive LEDs in a
    'color organ' manner. They're featuring it on their website, so it
    should be easy to find, although they don't use the 'color organ'

    Paul Mathews
  9. LightBoy

    LightBoy Guest

    Thanks, Paul,

    I'll go to their site to see if I can find it!

    Don H
  10. Kryten

    Kryten Guest

    Sounds much like a graphic equaliser display.

    I think I saw one which used an LM 3914/3915/3916 bar-chart driver to do one
    vertical bar which was then rapidly multiplexed through 10 or so spectral
    channels. This allowed it to drive a 10x10 matrix of LEDs.
  11. LightBoy

    LightBoy Guest

    Found it, Paul.

    It looks like the perfect solution. However, need to find a distributor
    who stocks it. Minimum order is 1000 until - at 90 cents a copy.
    Sheesh! So far can't find it in stock anyplace - maybe its too new yet.
    I will keep trying.

    Thanks again for the info!
    Don H
  12. LightBoy

    LightBoy Guest

    Thanks, Kryten,

    Interesting concept. I will check into this, also.
    Thanks for taking the time to respond.
    Don H
  13. Paul Mathews

    Paul Mathews Guest

    Ask a Nat'l rep to get you a sample. Ask nicely.
    Paul Mathews
  14. LightBoy

    LightBoy Guest

    Thanks, Paul,

    I have done that. I will see if they follow through.
    Don H.
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