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Depth Sounder

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Ken Corbett, Jan 30, 2005.

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  1. Ken Corbett

    Ken Corbett Guest

    Any advice on inexpensive depth sounders.....comments on Norcross,
    Hummingbird, Uniden, Standard Horizon. The models in the $90 - $150 range.
  2. wgander

    wgander Guest

    I've had a Raymarine L265 for several years and I'm very pleased with it.
    For a few dollars more the L365 adds speed and water temperature to the
    If I ever replace it, I'll get one that has NMEA output. I have a separate
    station set up for communicator/navigator. My Furuno radar and VHF radio are
    connected to my GPS. The GPS and Depth Finder were mounted years ago on the
    instrument panel for the convenience of the helmsman. It would be nice to
    have the depth (and water temperature) also on the Radar display.
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