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Denon UD-M50

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by ibbotsnm, Nov 22, 2004.

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  1. ibbotsnm

    ibbotsnm Guest

    I have a UD-M50 triple CD player that has given me stirling service
    until I mistakenly pressed in the CD tray instead of using the button,
    at which point it jammed.
    Having dismantled it I discovered a small problem with the spring that
    levels the cd tray as it locates into the right position to be read by
    the lasar. There are two such springs one supporting each side of the
    tray. This problem I have repaired however I am having trouble setting
    the positions of the three cd trays with respect to one another in the
    mechanical changing assembly. I imagine it is just an alignment
    problem of the trays and gears etc.
    I also suspect that it is not an uncommon occurance with this type of
    Can anybody who has come across this problem before please help. I
    have costed a repair by a professional company and they quote as much
    as a new item.
    Is it necessary to replace the whole cd tray mechanism? or does anyone
    know how to obtain the necessary alignment instructions. I am pretty
    sure that there is no significant damage to the unit

    Many thanks.
  2. elfe111

    elfe111 Guest

    Hi ibbotsnm

    have or had the same Problem with my M50

    does anyone have an idea how to align those 3 trays?

    The most likely way is: tray 3 is in the turntable and the mechanism is
    tray 2 is above tray 1 - both in the front part of the drawer

    these trays have to be bent a lot if you reinsert them into the drawer, so
    that the teeth on the one side, do not turn the teeth on the rotating
    mechanism or rather move them into an unwanted position. The mechanism is
    on that side where the teeth on the trays are.
    I have managed to open and close all trays but getting the tray 3 out of
    the turntabel still causes problems with tray 2 - hope to solve this by
    ading some grease or oil to the mechanism

    have luck


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