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Denon CD Player/Receiver UD-M5

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by ibbotsnm, Jun 3, 2005.

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  1. ibbotsnm

    ibbotsnm Guest

    I have a Denon UD-M5 3 CD player that at first sight appears to have
    Lasar problem in that it will not play CDs. The Amplifier is working O
    when the unit is operationg in the Tuner mode. I have noticed that th
    head is moving, hunting for the start position on what ever disc an
    track it is commanded to play, however, it does not appear to pick u
    alignment information. If I persist , then the player bursts int
    sound occassionally, playing faultlessly untill the end of the disc i
    reached. It will also always indicate correctly the number of track
    that any one disc has indicating that it is able to read the indexin
    sector of each disc. although it has problems in locating the star
    position. Can anyone please help in A. identifying what the proble
    B. Suggest how the unit can be re-aligned if that i
    the problem

    I have noticed that the unit does not appear to have any drive belt
    that might slacken. It also has a very complex disc load mechanism.

    Many thanks for any help you can give
  2. jakdedert

    jakdedert Guest

    I had an old Technics player (only) which had the same sort of problem. I
    *slightly* tweaked the PLL trimmer and cured it. It's still a little picky
    about what disk it wants to play, sometimes; and is more prone to skipping
    than I'd like. It does work 98% of the time now, though, compared to about
    10% before.

    If you go this route, do a thorough cleaning first, that alone may fix it.
    Then mark *everything* so that you can get it back to square one in case of
    no improvement. Only make almost infinitesmal adjustments and check for
    functionality after each tweak. If you get it working, try to triangulate
    the proper range of adjustment by continuing to go 'too' far, and then back
    off to the middle of the range between not working in one direction, and not
    working in the other.

    I didn't think I had anything to lose, and was ready to chuck the thing if
    it didn't work out. Instead, I got a (mostly) functional unit which has
    worked for many years with just one small tweak...seriously, I hit it the
    very first time...about a 5 degree turn of the pot.

    YMMV...oh yeah, be sure to read the FAQ on CD repair before you do anything.

  3. If not done already, certainly the lens should have a proper cleaning.

    Mark Z.
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