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Denon AVR3300 Repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by David Black, Jun 11, 2004.

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  1. David Black

    David Black Guest


    I'm currently at lost as to what's wrong with my Denon AVR3300 receiver
    and would be grateful for some assistance.
    The receiver powers up and only somewhat works using the tuner< volume
    is very low>. As soon as you switch to another source(CD, DVD, etc..)
    the receiver has no output, even when going back to the tuner mode. The
    receiver CPU must be reset to get the tuner to function again. Also, the
    receiver does the same thing if you switch output modes<(Dolby Digital,
    Prologic, etc..) You again must reset the CPU to get any volume using
    the tuner.

    Has anyone ever seen this tyoe of problem before?

  2. That's a REALLY unusual one. Might need factory service. Denon's service in
    New Jersey isn't too expensive, really. Might run 125.00 or so plus freight.

    I am an authorized Denon servicer, but I might shy away from this one, not
    wanting to get bogged down chasing data, chip enable, clock lines etc. Does
    sound like your problem is in this area though, a data line held low or some

    Mark Z.
  3. David Black

    David Black Guest

    I'll start looking around in that area. I was hoping for an easier
    repair. I have another working receiver that I was thinking about
    swaping boards with but I'm afraid I'll end up with two non working


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