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Dell P1110 trinitron

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Tektonik, Dec 17, 2003.

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  1. Tektonik

    Tektonik Guest

    I've a Dell P1110 Trinitron 21" which suffers from bad contrast, linear
    lines and a blurry image maybe due to convergence. Is there any spesial
    settings for this or do I have to find it out by myself?
    A little help would be great.

  2. Kai Robinson

    Kai Robinson Guest

    Right - this could help with the blurryness - although this is a VERY
    dangerous procedure - i did the same with my 1028LR.

    Take back off Monitor.

    Plug in monitor, to both computer and mains power.

    with back off - put a screwdriver (insulated) into the flyback transformer
    adjustment screwhole. turn one way or the other to improve the picture
    quality. do this with one hand behind your back.

    Thats all i can suggest for the moment - although it could be that you need
    a whole new flyback :/


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