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Dell P1110 monitor HV PS repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Charles P Lamb, Jul 26, 2004.

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  1. I have a three year old Dell P1110 monitor which seems to have a failing HV
    power supply. The sympotoms are that the display size changes with the
    contents of the display and on odd ocassions the picture will disappear for
    an instant an I hear an arc snapping. Looking around the news groups and
    web sites I have found several people complaining of the same problem. Has
    anyone found a solution to this?

    Charles P. Lamb
  2. Wayne

    Wayne Guest

    Sounds like the FBT may be bad, i.e., the internal capacitor gone low
    in value. Schematics in the Sony section here
    Also, on the links page on the same site is a link to a site with info
    on how to test FBTs.

  3. I looked at the schematics listed under the Nokia P1110 and the Sony P1110
    and neither of them seem to represent this monitor as the front panel
    controls are different.

    Thanks Wayne,

    Charles P. Lamb
  4. Andy Cuffe

    Andy Cuffe Guest

    I've seen a lot of CRT problems with these and the 19" version. They
    seem to develop electron gun problems which cause a lot of very odd
    Andy Cuffe
  5. I tried contacting Dell but their response was abysmal. After 4 days of
    emails they finally admitted that there was a hardware problem. They then
    told me to call them at a given number. After calling three different
    telephone numbers and speaking with five different people, spending an hour
    and a half on the telephone in total, I was told that Dell has NO repair
    facilities anywhere in the world. This treatment makes me wonder why anyone
    ever buys Dell products.

    Charles P. Lamb
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