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Dell FP Monitor screwing-up sleep mode on Mac

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Brett, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. Brett

    Brett Guest

    I just got as a gift a Dell 2407WFP Monitor to use with my Mac G5. The
    monitor has a built-in USB hub & universal USB media reader. This is really
    handy for me as my CPU is located way under my desk. Unfortunately when the
    USB connection is connected to my computer it prevents the computer from
    going into sleep mode. (the computer goes to sleep and then instantly wakes
    up again). I have found several cases of this documented on the net when
    using a Dell FP monitor (& USB connection) with a Mac.

    I can of course disconnect the USB portion of the monitor and everything
    will work correctly, but I really hate to give up this great convenience.

    If I switch the +5 volts on the USB connection going to the monitor the
    computer will sleep correctly. I have tried powering a relay to do the
    switching from several different sources but these sources power down too
    late in the sleep cycle and the computer wakes up again.

    The monitor has 12V to power external speakers. This output powers down when
    the monitor sleeps (but as above too late to help).

    I have also tried the 5V and 12V from the HD power connection this also has
    the same problems as above.

    Anyone have any cleaver ideas on how to power the relay or how I might be
    able to circumvent this problem without giving up the media reader?

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