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delicate soldering job

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Miles Golding, Nov 23, 2003.

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  1. Can anyone please advise how to re-solder the six strands of fine cables
    connecting the motherboard to the switch unit on the front panel of an old
    Elonex 325X computer? (Three of the cables, each about 1mm diameter, severed
    at the point of connection to the switch panel). The six terminal points
    span just 1.4 cm.
    Thanks. Miles G
  2. Lord Garth

    Lord Garth Guest

    That is very tight...any chance of sending a photo to
  3. Thanks for the reply LG. I'll do that in the next day or two.
  5. Ross Mac

    Ross Mac Guest

    That doesn't sound that tough....If you can't handle it, I bet the guy down
    at the local TV repair shop might do it for ya!...
    Worth asking anyway
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