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Delco RDS radios

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Mar 24, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Have several of these from a junkyard. They take the regular delco
    wiring harness and all take in and eject cd's but have no other
    function. These are the first delco radios I've seen that won't power
    up with GND, BATT & ACC hooked up. What am I missing here?
    Pearsons Electronics
  2. Guest

    Sounds like it might possibly be theft protection. Once disconnected
    you need to put in a code, and you need to do this even if the battery
    dies in the car !

    This is another case of something that is supposed to be good for us.
    If your radio gets stolen the crooks get nothing, but your insurance
    pays out $500 or so and raises yor rates. See how good it is for us ?
    Of course now you might be able to get parts from these stolen units,
    but Murphy's law might kick in and give you a bad transmission. In
    younger days I changed many trannies with $60 replacements from a
    boneyard, but I 'm sure that whatever changed that was something that
    was "good for us".

  3. Some newer Delco radios lock to the vehicle by data and some have no
    ACC connection these units will not power on unless cleared and
    installed in a vehicle (now it will lock to that vehicle) also they
    might need to be reset to the new system if it has any differences all
    done with data and controled by Delcos tech 2 with computer setup,
    check with local dealer.
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