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delco radio modifications

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Adam MacKenzie, May 25, 2007.

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  1. Group-

    Not sure if there's anyone out there who has any experience with car
    radios. Specifically, have a '99 Chevy S-10 with a Delco AM/FM/CD
    player installed. There is a 9-pin connector on the back which is used
    to interface with either a CD-changer, or a cassette deck. I would
    like to use this same interface and take advantage of the input to the
    pre-amp and just plug in my MP3 player. Don't wish to try and control
    the MP3 player from the radio head unit or anything, would just like to
    have a direct-to-preamp connection for the best possible sound quality.

    So far, I've been unable to locate even a pin-out for the connector.
    Does anyone out there have any experience working on this or a similar

    Appreciate the help,

  2. Have you tried a Chevy dealer? Without a schematic, you could try
    measuring the voltages at the plug to find the power pin, then injecting
    about half a volt of audio into each other pin until you hear it.
  3. Guest
  4. Guest

  5. It happens that formulated :
    Yeah, I'd already been on that site (and soooo many others).
    Unfortunately, that's the main harness supplying power/routing for the
    speakers, not the 9-pin one that I'm looking for. Thanks much, though!
  6. Guest

    I would like to know the same information and don't own any sort of
    mulimeter to test the pins. So if you find the pinout post it please.
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