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dehumidifier problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Hi, Friends,
    I have a Kenmore Dehumidifier (model 580.54501) that has been working
    dutifully in my basement for several years. It suddenly stopped
    working a couple of days ago. The problem was that the "bucket full"
    LED was slowly flashing (once every 1 or 2 seconds), and the motor did
    not run. The humidity display was showing "01". It was definitely not
    the bucket, because it was empty, and was properly placed. I even
    removed the bucket and pressed the water level control switch all the
    way in, the bucket full LED was still flashing. If I unplug the power
    cord, and plug it back in, the unit will come back to life for about
    10 seconds. During this period, the fan is turning and the humidity
    display indicates 45. Then the fan stops, the humidity display goes
    back to 01, and the bucket full LED starts to flash again. Has anybody
    had this kind of problems before? I wonder whether this is a water
    level control switch problem or a control circuit problem. Is there
    any test I can do?
    Many thanks!
  2. The fact that it runs a bit and then stops makes me think the LED
    flashing and 01 display is an error code. Do you have the manual? If
    not, you may be able to access from


  3. Guest

    put a multimeter on the float switch and find out.

  4. Guest

    Hi, Paul,
    I have the manual, and it doesn't say. The troubleshooting section is
    only one page, and the problem I have is not listed.
  5. Art

    Art Guest

    If yours is one of the late model ones built by LG within the last few
    years, be grateful it lasted so long. Most lasted barely 1 year. I had
    mine replaced or fixed 3 times and am throwing it away. Note that they
    shortened the warranty from 1/5 years to 1/1 year (in other words the new
    ones do not get a refrigeration system 5 year warranty any more). I am
    trying a Whirlpool this time from Lowes for $219. Still have a 5 year
    warranty on the refrig system.
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