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defective monitors

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Edwin, Jul 25, 2003.

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  1. Edwin

    Edwin Guest

    Who can help me with repair tips or service manual of these 17"monitors made
    by the same manufacturer:

    1. Royal model DN-1782G with no horizontal picture, already replaced the
    h.o. transistorn (bu22525) and a burnt resistor but still no screen! Power
    switches to mode when vga signal is active

    2. Forefront (same model and features of the Royal monitor( model CM 1782) ,
    after a shortcut on the tubeboard, I repaired power, but now pic is very
    white bright and no contrast (weak),brightness and contrast still work but
    in lowest position still too much screen (Adjusting on flyback does not
    help!) Also monitor doesn't want go standby in powersave without vga signal
    (but was always working ok with this small defect....)

    Thanks for the right answers and helpful tips on these rather unknows

  2. DN-1782: if BU2525AX, BU2527AX is s/c then replace with BU2525AF!!!
    replace/check: R526 1,2 Ohm/2W, C478 4,7µF/100V C408 1nF

    CM1782: check Styroflexcap (1nf/50V) on the Digiboard

  3. P.S.:

    CM1782 check B+ must be 68V
    check: R113 1 Ohm/1W und R498 1 Ohm/2W
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