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Decorative Filament lamps?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Mazz, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. Mazz

    Mazz Guest

    Hi, I'm looking for a clear lamp that has a decorative type filament,
    similar to maybe an old carbon filament lamp. Something preferably of low
    power 10-40W max. I have seen some squirrel cage lamps but am after
    something simpler like a coil shaped filament?
    Voltage is for here in the UK (230vac)

    I don';t want any antiques, I'm after a new lamp that I can buy and keep

    Many thanks,

  2. Mazz

    Mazz Guest

    Thanks for that. Only thing is I need a UK version, 230vac and preferably
    with bayonet fitting.


  3. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Thanks for posting this. My bookmarks file got corrupted, and I lost a
    lot of the listings. BTW, does anyone know of any sites that sell the
    decoritive glow filament lamps (like roses, etc)?

  4. I've seen decorative carbon filament lamps in B&Q, but
    possibly before they dropped a lot of their electrical
    stock to become a soft furnishings outlet. They really
    are horribly inefficient ('G' rating). ISTR they were 60W

    By the way, check the glass bulb carefully for any cracks.
    Carbon filament lamps explode at switch-on if air has got
    inside. (Been there, done that.)

    You might also be able to get them from laboratory suppliers.
    They were the traditional light source used to demonstrate
    pin-hole cameras in schools. These were 200W.
  5. Mazz

    Mazz Guest

    Have a look at they do flower type
    lamps. Over Xmas they did some festive ones too. I've just bought a Xmas
    tree lamp and a snowflake lamp for £1 each (bargain sale)

  6. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Thanks, but I would prefer a supplier on the western shore of the Big
    Pond. I had a link to one supplier, but lost it in the aforementioned

    BTW, it looks as though the squirrel cage lamp you mentioned is actually
    made(supplied?) by Aamsco. They mention somewhere on their site that
    "Export Lamps Available In All Voltages And Bases.", but only list a
    bayonet for the squirrel cage one. Maybe they would clarify the matter
    for you.

  7. *shrug*
    He did invent them. He just didn't invent them *first*. The chances are
    that he showed his filament lamp before he'd heard about Swann's one.

    As for saying that those are as invented by Edison though... I don't see
    any carbon filaments... (or was it paper? Swann's was, not sure about
  8. TKM

    TKM Guest

    Edison tried hundreds of filament materials and learned a lot because, as he
    said, he found out what didn't work. Carbonized bamboo, as I recall, was
    the material used in the lamps produced for Edison's first public
    demonstration in Menlo Park, New Jersey, December, 1879. The idea of an
    incandescent lamp was decades old by then, however, with many claiming the
    first inventor title. I suppose we'll never figure out now who was really
    first -- maybe just some tired lab assistant who dropped a piece of wire
    accross the terminals of a battery and was amazed by the flash of light as
    the wire melted and vaporized.

    Terry McGowan

    Terry McGowan
  9. I believe one of the development team even sacrificed a beard hair to
    see how it performed as a filament. Fortunately it probably didn't
    perform well or we'd have to have beard farms to make filament lamps.
  10. As Victor Roberts, Daniel Stern and Jeff Waymouth (for sure, probably a
    host of others) run and hide. For those of you who don't know is, we
    are all (at last viewing) bearded.

    Jeff Waymouth ;>)} =====> a winking, bearded grin!
  11. I would have happily volunteered the grey and white ones a few years
    back, but due to the continued effects of aging, I would have to
    respectfully withdraw any such offer. :-0=

  12. And me. Mines probably long enough to make 500W linear floods at the
    moment. (And on it's way to it's former ZZ-topesque glory again.)

    ;-)>>>>>> My beards bigger than yours. (Maybe)

    So why do the hard core tech-heads all have beards?
  13. Probably those rogue flat hairs that suddenly appear and spiral out
    sideways like mine did. Strange effect, but you've got to admit the mix
    of grey and colour looks quite stylish. It makes us look all mature and
    wise even if that isn't necessarily so. :)

    I get the feeling that the Edison Swan issue reflects the same old UK
    versus USA inventor scenario... For the UK inventor it's all about
    discovery and creation. For the USA inventor it's all about money.
    Nobody ever seems to mention that Edison was really just a businessman
    who exploited genuine inventors and took their credit.
  14. While I don't disagree that money is one issue you seem to
    forget another key feature of our USA-psyche: It always has
    to be about us :)

    Vic Roberts
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  15. I didn't want to mention that one since it's so blindingly obvious. :p
  16. I don't know. Due to my occasional proximity to machine tools, I'd need
    a clip-on.
  17. That's why they invented the neatly trimmed goatee. Or if you've got
    the full biker special then do what they do and tuck it inside the neck
    of clothing.
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