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Debouncing Fails on My Remotes periodically!

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Dec 14, 2013.

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    Jan wrote:

    "OK, I don't know what is wrong here but let's just explore some logic hereeh ?

    Two, that is two (2) remotes, one OEM and one universal, are doing the sameexact thing. One is OEM and one is universal therefore they are different chipsets and the odds against them having the exact same symptom, an INTEMITTENT symptom that occurs at the same time in both remotes, that have different chipsets, is astronomical.

    We have gone though just about everything in the house. The CFLs, the sunlight, all that.

    Oh shit.

    Hey OP, you still around ? The last, very last test - when this happens again, BLOCK the IR sensor window and see if it stops. If it keeps going then it is for sure either the IR sensor or the micro in the TV. If you've already done that, disregard. We went through all the possible sources that you know about, but IR is not visible to the naked eye, so there is still a possibility.

    Literally, stick your thumb over the window. That is the LAST definitive test.

    IF it DOES stop with your thumb over the window, ummm, do you have an alarmsystem in the house ? Possibly with motion detectors ?

    That is the ONLY other thing it could be other than the TV. Because the twoDIFFERENT remotes act up at exactly the same time, they are RULED OUT AS APOSSIBLITY by LOGIC.

    If you do not have motion detectors (even near a window from outside), if you are sure there is no source of IR hitting that thing, it is the detectoror the micro. No doubt.

    Now the sticky part, hahaha. you see I was always the one to do these wierdproblems of course....

    The reason you must stick your thumb over the window on the TV is because (now get this lol), your neighbor could have a motion detector light outside.. The IR could be bouncing off of someting out there and into your window. Literally, it could be occurring when he parks his car just about a couple of cm. over to the right (or left) of normal, and you would NEVER know it. Remember you cannot see IR.

    The odds of this are not great, it is quite unlikely, but it is possible. Ihave had shit like this. I have had vertical height screwing up the greyscale (because the worng dud was used in the reman of a CRT), I have had an unexplainable ground loop through a cable box that caused a hum bar in a projector because there were two ground rods installed at the house. I have had some pretty wierd problems and I know how to solve them. You have to consider the impossible sometimes.

    This is your last test. Next you replace the IR sensor in the tv, and I give it a 50/50 chance. It could just as likely be the micro. If that's the case it is probably an SMD and is either difficult to replace or maybe near impossible, which would mean a new signal/main board. "

    Both remotes are OEM - One for the TV and the other, the JVC vhs/dvd combo.

    I get it. Next time I get a runaway volume, I will block the transmitter eyes of each remote. If runaway vol. stops, it's the remotes. If it does not, it's likely the Sanyo tv.

    BTW: I have next to ZERO soldering skills, and I don't want to mess with aTV that so far has given excellent service overall. If it occurrs once every two weeks to every two months, I can live with that.
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