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Death by Lava Lamp

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Paul Hovnanian P.E., Jan 2, 2005.

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  1. It's a shame. Anyone who likes lava lamps will know that he was just
    trying to heat the thing up quickly to save the huge three hour wait for
    the lamp to come up to operating temperature properly. It's easy to get
    distracted and lose track of time.

    Poor guy.
  2. A better approach would have been to immerse the lamp container in a pot
    of boiling water. The temp. rise would have been limited to 100 C and
    been far more uniform. I would have never anticipated the explosion, but
    prior to this incident, my initial expectation would have been something
    along the lines of the stove boiling and then igniting the mystery
    (possibly flammable) contents.

    The locals around here seem to grab more then their share of the Darwin
    Awards. IIRC, the last one we won was for the guy who tried to hold up a
    gun shop, with a half dozen armed customers including an off duty
    sheriff in the establishment at the time.
  3. Impatience knows no boundaries.

    The fluid in lava lamps is basically water, so there's no real risk of
    it bursting into flames. Now those old Haggerty glitter lamps are a
    different matter. They come with a flammability warning and the stuff
    stinks of mothballs if you let it out.
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