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DealExtreme - Some wins, some losses...

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Trevor Wilson, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. ....from my most recent purchases from DealExtreme.

    The wins:

    This thing is REALLY something very good indeed. Thin, unobtrusive, nicely
    made and very, very bright. I compared it to an existing, 11 Watt T5 under
    cupboard mounted fluoro. I noted an almost 100% increase in light available
    in various places near the lamp in the kitchen. Current consumption was 0.7A
    @ 12 Volts (regulated), measured with a light meter. SWMBO really liked the
    warmth of the LED strip compared with the T5, along with the significantly
    higher light output. I reckon this guy will actually enable me to dump the
    50 Watt halogens from the kitchen, as soon as I can figure out a mounting
    system. They need heat sinking. Nonetheless, unhesitatingly recommended.

    Well, I don't really know if this is a win just yet. I neglected to note the
    special Li-ion battery required. We'll see.

    This is really something very special. Excellent light output, good matching
    of LEDs and dead easy to use. Even comes with it's own power supply.

    Nice. Similar quality to what I pay WES 35 Bucks for.

    The losses:

    Waste of money.

    450 Lumen, my arse. More like 0.1 Lumen. Looks like the driver is faulty.
    I'll rip it apart and see what can be done. Watch out for this one.
  2. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    Just get the batteries with charger from ebay (cheaper than dealextreme)
  3. Mickel

    Mickel Guest

    It claims 16W but only used 0.7amps. It truly is magic :)
    I have something similar I reckon it's awesome. It's so easy to carry
    around so you can always have it in your pocket if you go away camping
    or something like that. The only problem I have found is that it can
    jump modes. I have to work out what is lose in there.
  4. **In all fairness, I did current limit the thing to what _I_ considered
    reasonable (Damned thing comes with zero information). Perhaps, with 14
    Volts and a little over an Amp up their bum, they would consume 16 Watts. I
    would be concerned with Pdiss and consequent life-span at those levels.
    With 12 Volts, limited to 0.7 Amps, the thing was mighty impressive.
    Significantly brighter (measured with a light meter) than an 11 Watt T5
    fluoro is a fine effort.
  5. How did you heatsink it? I mean, aesthetically, if you put these things
    in your kitchen etc...?
  6. **I have yet to work that out, but I've noted that if I glue it to the
    granite, there seems to be adequate 'heat sink' that way. I figure on
    mounting it to a sheet of aluminium (say: 200mm X 100mm) and glue that to
    the underside of the cupboard. I'll perform a few experiments that allow for
    decent cooling and adequate SAF. Regardless of which way I go, it'll be a
    whole lot less obtrusive than the fluoro it will replace. Even SWMBO has
    suggested mounting it on stainless steel wires and hang it from the ceiling.
    Mounted to a small block of aluminium, it could look nice and provide decent

    I have say that if you are remotely interested in LED lighting, buy one of
    these things. They are very, very impressive.
  7. Mickel

    Mickel Guest

    I received one of these recently. Damn it is one really really bright
    LED. It easily beats my pair of 150W flood lights in the back yard. It
    has a couple of problem though. The first was that the light was very
    floody, the standard flood lights that most household have a very
    directional in comparison. THe second was the heat. After a couple of
    minutes of running the Pentium 4 cooler I had it connected to was
    getting too hot to touch. It would be ok I think if the fan was running
    but the power supply if 36V so it would be difficult.
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