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Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by virtualgaz, Feb 8, 2005.

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  1. virtualgaz

    virtualgaz Guest

    Hey guys,
    Looks like my 3-yr old Sharp crt tv has a magnetism prob. The picture lost
    clarity over a few weeks and finally the green went missing completely.
    After a week's rest, the green is coming back. I never switched the thing
    off by the mains, I think this was the problem. I've also heard compact
    fluoros can cause excessive geomagnetism(?). Anyhow, what do you guys think
    about a Jay Car de-gaussing wand - will it fix my prob (shadow mask?). If
    so, how do you use the beast - figure of eights? How long for?
    Oh yeah, can I make my own wand - can't be much to 'em?

    Thanks heaps,
  2. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** Nope - what you need is called a Magic Wand.

    ** Nah - just wave one about the TV while saying " Abra Cadabra !!!! "

    ** Long as it takes - naturally .

    ** Dead easy to make one - getting the thing fully operational is a tad
    more complicated however.

    ** No problemo.


    If the Magic Wand idea fails take the telly to a tech.

    Most of them have got themselves a functioning wand - but the sods will
    never loan it out.

    ............. Phil
  3. Russ

    Russ Guest

    I think most newish TVs have inbuilt degaussing coils. Perhaps cycling the
    power a few times might fix the problem?
  4. Lord-Data

    Lord-Data Guest

    Not familiar with the Jaycar wand, but I used to have one back when I
    worked on arcade machines .. cost $99 back then .. weighed a fair bit, and
    worked DAMN well .. it could affect the picture from about 4 meters away ..
    keep your watch off when using one of those guys :)

    I found starting in the center and circling slowly outwards and away worked
    best, not turning off till you've slowly moved it out of range of effect.

    Note that a lot of TVs have built in degauss rings, and often the leaving
    mains power off for 10 mins or so, then restarting the unit will cause it to
    fire the degauss ring .. often you can hear it go when it powers on.. Not
    all TVs are created equal tho .. I've got an old akai that is definitly
    fitted with said ring, but its function is pointless .. only managed to have
    an effect on the outer 2 inches of the screen .. had to use the wand on that
    one to get it working properly :)
  5. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Doesnt look like it, actually.
    A magnetism problem wont do that, see the green missing completely.

    Something likely failed in the circuitry associated with the green gun.
    is coming makes it sound gradual. Is that what you meant to say ?
    Its not completely trivial to do. And wont fix your problem anyway.
  6. virtualgaz

    virtualgaz Guest

    WRONG (it was corrected by a de-gaussing wand)
    WRONG (yes it will if there's sufficient draw on the shadow mask (oh dear,
    it's not going too well is it?))
    WRONG (it came back after full de-gaussing)
    WELL DONE, at least you can read cuz you're useless at electronic
    WRONG (it was precisely the problem - have you considered another usenet
    WRONG (they do and cause problems with RF and HT when in close proximity to
    a unit)
    WRONG AGAIN (the wand I borrowed is the same as a Jaycar one and worked
    WRONG (what did I expect?) Now listen up smart-arse, I tell you what I'll
    do, I'll save you the oppurtunity of embarrassing yourself again in regard
    to my posts... PLONK!
  7. virtualgaz

    virtualgaz Guest

    Cheers LD,
    Great info on the wand business. I managed to borrow one in the end and it's
    sorted. It was a combo of never switching the thing off fully and the
    atmospherics of late. The 2 compact fluoros right above it have played a
    part I'm sure.
  8. virtualgaz

    virtualgaz Guest

    Cheers Russ,
    this worked up to a point by bringing the green back but the wand sorted it
    in the end. It was a combo of having no power off time and the atmospherics
    of summer.
  9. virtualgaz

    virtualgaz Guest

    Hilarious stuff that.
    My TV tech loaned me a wand no drama - you must be from one of those
    southern states.
  10. A degaussing wand will not fix a missing green.
    You specifically said the green was missing, a magnetised mask will not do this.
    That's very nice, but it doesn't mean the degaussing wand did it.
    If YOU'RE so good, why did you ask the question in the first place?
    Bzzzt. Leaving it plugged into the mains is irrelevant, it still powers up
    and down normally according to whatever the video card.

    Even if you have a monitor that doesn't power down, it's still irrelevant. A
    green gun failure is caused by faults other than how you're powering it.
    RFI is not geomagnetism. Idiot.
    Then you just got lucky the green returned. It had nothing to do with
    degaussing the mask.
    Yes, and at the end of the day, he can still spell and you still can't.

    So there.
  11. Sam Jones

    Sam Jones Guest

    Then your original description must have been a lie.

    You cant get green missing completely over the entire
    screen with the shadow mask getting magnetised
    externally. It'll never get magnetised that uniformly.
    Not a clue.
    For you, yep.
    Then your original description must have been a lie.
    You're completely useless at actually describing the original fault.
    RIGHT with the original fault description.
    Then your original description must have been a lie.
    No need, anyone with a clue about TV knows that you cant
    get your original description with a magnetised shadow mask.
    Nothing like your original lie about the specific fault of green going missing
    Then your original description must have been a lie.
    Fat lot of good that will ever do you, fuckwit liar.
  12. Matthew Gunn

    Matthew Gunn Guest

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