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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Hmmm...I often wondered if there was a parallel word for mysogynist, a
    female who hates males because they are male. Is there such a word?

  2. operator jay

    operator jay Guest

    "Woman" (just kidding)
  3. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    339 posts so far (including this one) and zero content... just the
    usual infantile squabbling.

  4. That was my own (meant in fun) answer also... :)

  5. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    Some people can't spell, and some people can't be nice. Luck of the
    draw, as you point out.

    Too bad newsreaders don't include a nice-checker. The simplest
    implementation would just be a reverse spell-checker, that deleted
    words like asshole and idiot and churl. Some people's posts would get
    a *lot* shorter.

  6. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

    But a lot more confusing. Yours would read like this:

    "Too bad newsreaders don't include a nice-checker. The simplest
    implementation would just be a reverse spell-checker, that deleted
    words like and and. Some people's posts would get
    a *lot* shorter." ;)
  7. TokaMundo

    TokaMundo Guest

    Men who hate men that hate women should come find your lame ass.

    You are a mere misogynistic bastard, at best.

    You strike one as a jerk that fucked up a marriage, and blames it on
    the woman, and women in general. You are a sad case, dipshit.
  8. TokaMundo

    TokaMundo Guest

    Grow the **** up, retard.
    Note that you STILL likely don't know the meaning of the word cited.

    I rest my case. The misogynistic idiot just got trivial... again.
    Oh... that's right, he never was anything BUT trivial.
  9. TokaMundo

    TokaMundo Guest

    And to think that it all started, because the John misogynistic
    idiot tried to play spell checker... again.

    I did post on topic in this thread, btw...
  10. It could just replace the missing words with an equal number of
    underscores so you can fill in the blanks. ;-)
  11. TokaMundo

    TokaMundo Guest

    You could be a bit more retarded, but I do not see how.
  12. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

  13. Not a common word, but there is "misandrist".

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  14. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

    Well, since I know the meanings of _all_ of the words in your little
    diatribe, the likelihood of your being right is vanishingly small.

    Also, even though you wrote it, you obviously don't know the meaning
    of _cite_, since you didn't. LOL, the more you write the farther your
    foot goes down your throat!
    Even though my arguments may seem to be trivial, arguing against your
    badly thought out and clumsily written (I notice you finally fixed the
    "myso" error) trash is actually quite difficult in that you need to be
    apprised of your fox paws and errors, but in a way which won't strain
    your brain cell beyond its elastic limit and leave you permanently
    flaccid. The difficulty lies in that in order to reach you
    intellectually I have to become Escherichia coli - like in my
    responses and that _does_ exact a toll while I'm in that mode. I'm
    sure you've felt something akin to that when trying to rise above your
    quiescent e.coliness in order to try to respond to a post which I
    couldn't quite get down to your level, but Hey!, every man's reach
    should exceed his grasp, no? Oh, but wait... That should be "every
    person's..." in order to satisfy your need to be PC re. your gyn
    problem, no?

    And, what's that "I rest my case" crap? Something you heard shortly
    before being led out of the courtroom in chains?
  15. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

  16. Actually, he was being a bit clever, but you choose to criticize
    anyway, just because it's him posting, I have to assume.

  17. TokaMundo

    TokaMundo Guest

    Your powers of assessment are as retarded and fucked up as your
    misogynistic bullshit remarks.
    Your lame ass couldn't best a fresh turd.
    As if her old fart twit **** ass could order anyone around.
    She has to be at least twice as fucking stupid as you are.
    Does she know that you are a misogynistic fucktard?
    As if your old twit **** ass could order anyone around.
  18. TokaMundo

    TokaMundo Guest

    What "myso" error? You are wrong again, asswipe.
  19. BTW...I did mean for that to be choose (present tense), not chose
    (past tense). :)

  20. TokaMundo

    TokaMundo Guest

    You are an idiot. You jump on others for spelling like a wussified
    little school marm, yet you choose to not spell several of your
    written "words". You are a true idiot, and I caught you. That is
    about all there is to it.
    Unfamiliar with everyday colloquialisms now as well?
    I am not surprised.
    Wrong again, asswipe. **** off and die now, little boy.
    You are proof that numerical age does not a man make.
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