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DC voltage regulator project

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Michael Eisenstadt, Jan 15, 2004.

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  1. Is there an online FAQ to learn how to read a schematic
    and how practically to build a project from it? Or an
    equivalent book?

    Following recommendations from this list I have gotten
    as far as to have generated a schematic for my project
    at the National Semiconductor site and the parts list for

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Michael Eisenstadt
  2. First, you need to review the symbols used to represent the components
    on the schematic. Do a Google search for [schematic symbols].

    Then download the data sheet for any integrated circuits the schematic
    includes, and study the physical outlines and pin arrangements, so you
    can relate the schematic representation of these devices to the actual
    connections. Same goes for any other component that you are not
    familiar with. Before you order any parts, make sure you have
    selected the version that is in the desired case, sine many parts are
    now available in microscopic surface mount versions and larger through
    hole cases that are a lot easier to prototype with.

    Keep in mind that the schematic lines represent connections between
    devices, but assumes that all wiring or circuit board traces have no
    resistance or inductance or capacitance ot any other nodes. This is a
    risky assumption in power regulators that carry considerable current
    in some paths, and in switching regulators, especially, since this
    implies fast current switching and fast voltage swings. So you might
    draw up a proposed layout for your schematic and post it to a web page
    or to alt.binaries.electronic.schematics for discussion before you
    begin soldering.
  3. Thanks for spelling out some of the possible gotchas in
    this project.

    There are only 2 motorized disks in this project with
    1 more on its way (they are actually large circular
    paintings on canvas). The motors for the 2 paintings
    are set up to run on D batteries which need replacement
    rather often. So it is not a question of a prototype
    for making regulators in quantity.

    I do like to do DIY projects but I think that this
    one is too difficult and time consuming in terms of
    the improvement over simply using D batteries and
    an on/off switch.

    Mike Eisenstadt

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