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DC Power Supply

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by lerameur, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. lerameur

    lerameur Guest


    I am looking to buy a DC Power Supply. I am not sure of getting a
    digital or analog display. And also one output or two output.
    Is there a specific use for one of the above or is it simply a decision
    of personnel taste..

    I am mostly doing home projects, I dont think need to go more then
    30-40 v.


  2. I prefer analog meters. Not so precise, but instant visual
    feedback. I use a digital meter at the circuit under test
    if I need a very precise setting.

    I also like supplies with both voltage and current settings,
    so I can limit short circuit current to just a bit more than
    the circuit requires. The main advantage to a dual supply
    is that you can turn the pair on and off approximately
  3. lerameur

    lerameur Guest

    I am not sure, but I think a dual supply is when you can supply two
    circuit with different power. Is this something that is used commonly
    in normal operation ? I mean I am going to be facing this situation
    often ?

  4. Analog, its readout is instantly noticed by human eye, no reading required.
    If, repeat if, for some strange reason you want to use your power source
    as voltage reference use your working AVO-meter to adjust it to any value.
    2 floating supplies can be combined in series to add their voltages or
    in parallel to increase current. When playing with different cirquits
    you never _know_ what comes in.
    Taste? How does it taste to go crazy because you cannot activate a
    simple cirquit.
    It is called "experience".
    Right! One old-timer called 741 is a good teacher!
    Have fun

  5. Most dual supplies consist of a positive and a negative
    output that share a common ground. This is very convenient
    for either opamp type dual supply systems, or to use in
    series as a higher voltage single output. But it limits the
    flexibility to use the two isolated from each other. For
    isolated situations, I usually use two single supplies.

    By the way, old HP supplies had the best quality meters:
    but you have to switch between voltage or current
    measurements. For simultaneous metering, old Lambda
    supplies are nice:
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