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DC Power supply

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by EASI54, Apr 3, 2006.

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  1. EASI54

    EASI54 Guest

    I bought a used Icom-m710 SSB and it didn't come with any of th
    necessary accessories to get it up and working. So I started lookin
    for a power supply, and the manufacturer of the radio recommends thei
    PS-66 DC-DC converter for a 24 volt setup to drop it down to 13.6 volts
    New, it COSTS ABOUT $1100!!!!!!

    Anyone know of a cheaper way to do this?

  2. Al Thomason

    Al Thomason Guest

    Just one idea... How about a dedicted 12v battery for the SSB. Then
    use a smaller down converter (not sure if you can find a 24v --> 12v
    charger or not...). The battery handles the high current drawns
    during trans,, and then the 12v battery can 'recharge' between usages.

  3. Siong Boon

    Siong Boon Guest

    Depends on your equipment specification.
    If your equipment draws less than 10A,
    you can try DC-DC chips.
    There are various IC chip that converts from voltage to voltage. They are
    easily available nowadays.

    Not sure if it works on your system.
    You can give it a try.

    For a start you can try the following web on voltage conversion information,
    to source for your needs,

    Best Regards,
    Lim Siong Boon
  4. DC to Dc Converters, for about half that price. You actually may
    only need a 20Amp version for that Icom Radio, which will be a bit

    Bruce in alaska
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