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DC power plugs

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Peter Howard, Sep 15, 2004.

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  1. Peter Howard

    Peter Howard Guest

    Making a 5v external power supply for digital camera. Genuine accessory
    costs about four times what it is worth.
    Found out that there are at least two standards for those concentric barrel
    type power plugs.
    See for revealing information.
    The one I need to plug into camera is to Japanese Standard EIAJ-02 of 4mm OD
    and 1.7mm pin hole.
    These are not the same thing as the commonly available 5.5mm ones for 2.5 or
    2.1mm pins.
    The Japanese EIAJ types usually have yellow insulating material at the tip.

    Dicky Smith, Altronics,Jaycar and Farnells do not have them.
    Radio Shack in USA do (part# 274-1532) do but they don't do international
    mail order

    Has anyone here seen them and can tell me where to buy them in Australia?

  2. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    WES Components, code MP202 or MP202RA.

    - Franc Zabkar
  3. Peter Howard

    Peter Howard Guest

  4. Bob M

    Bob M Guest

    Goodday Peter!

    I live in Canada and have purchased several of the plugs that radio
    shack carries for different projects over the years. They have a good
    selection. If you are not successful in finding anything local, please
    drop me a line and I will get them for you and put them in the post.
    They are inexpensive enough.

    Cheers from Canada!

    Bob Morgoch
  5. KLR

    KLR Guest

    Unfortunately these sort of racist attitutes are becoming more
    widespread - and almost always from the USA.
    I did manage to get one from dick smith - as part of a pack of several
    sizes meant to go onto a universal charger.

    Unfortunately the cheap versions of these plugs tend to only have 2
    metal strips through the inner hole rather than an internal "cylinder"
    of metal. In my case using the cheap plug damaged the socket in the
    camera (probably from insufficient contact area that caused arcing or
    burning of the centre pin in the camera socket and ruining its low
    resistance) and now it is necessary when using the original camera
    charger to turn the plug to all sorts of funny angles in the socket to
    make it connect.

    Note that this crap plug type is the same being supplied with some of
    these aftermarket mobile phone car chargers too. Will fall out of the
    socket if you as much as breathe on it, whereas the decent plug
    supplied with the phone, it will support the entire weight of the
    phone without coming out :)

    BEWARE !

    In the end I just went and bought a genunie kodak battery charger -
    including much needed spare battery for this specific camera battery
    from ebay for about $25 and now all is well. I would suggest you look
    there and see if they have what you want.
  6. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    "Racist"?? The US government is making it harder for companies to deal
    internationally, in the name of 'national security'. The companies are only
    reacting in a completely rational and understandable fashion. Calling it
    'racist' is just plain dumb.

  7. aus.electronics on Wed, 15 Sep 2004 19:53:54 GMT, Peter Howard <rover109> says...
    Jaycar PP-0507
  8. Peter Howard

    Peter Howard Guest

    Hmm maybe, but Jaycar online does not say what OD of PP0507 is. Thanks for
    bringing this thread back from oblivion, though.
    I did find the correct plug at WES for which I thank the people who pointed
    me in right direction. Quality of plug was fine. Homebrew 5V supply for
    camera works well. LM340-5 with mje2955 pass transistor in small oblong
    diecast box delivers up to 4A all day from either 12V socket in car or
    suitable mains adaptor. Cost was time spent ratting junk box and building
    plus couple dollars for plug. As measured, camera draws just 500mA so I can
    use a 12V 1A plugpack where necessary.

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