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dc motor power supply question (newbie)

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by grimmsoncnc, Oct 10, 2004.

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  1. grimmsoncnc

    grimmsoncnc Guest

    Hello all. Hopefully a simple one here. My son has a power wheels quad
    racer. I've found new motors for it. I've also just built a small diy
    cnc router that needs a cutter head. I'd like to take a CAT# DCM-231 (3-12 Vdc. 11,500 RPM @ 6Vdc, 1.35
    Amps) motor and power it with a CAT# PS-70 Autec # UPS61-1004-T.
    Input: 115/230 Vac. Outputs: 3.3V @ 4A, 5 V @ 2A, 12V @ 3A, 32V @ 5
    mA. New, open-frame switching supply. I hope to get 3 fans 3.3v 5v &
    12v and some small load for 32v(remarks say all leads need a load),
    connect each fan to approprate voltage and control the speed of the
    motor by moving it to desired voltage output. Will this work? The
    power supply says 60 watt (on another site) witch is .5amp at 110 vac
    and the lower draw the better. Please correct me if I'm wrong. My real
    concern is at start up and under load motor amp draw is supose to
    increase ( a lot according to similar motor specs at mtr # hc683lg). I plan on milling foam so load
    shouldn't be that high but will that just pop the supply or will the
    motor run out of juice and slow down a bit (or will I burn down the
    house?) please give me your two bits. All the info I get is
    appriciated. Thanks. p.s. two of these motors run on two 6v dry cell
    batts in the quad racer but specs say the racer is supose to have a
    30amp fuse. These motors are also used as drill motors.
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