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Dc-Dc converter

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by atul, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. atul

    atul Guest

    I want a circuit for Switching DC-DC coverter. Input 24 VDC and output
    12 VDC 10 amps. Please give me some ideas or circuits.
  2. Brian

    Brian Guest

    Take a look at

  3. Guest

    Why wouldn't you just use a solid state voltage regulator IC. They are
    ready to go right off the shelf. Something like an NTE-933 will
    regulate up to 5amps and if you didn't want to parallel two of these
    you should be able to boost the current using power transistors of the
    proper size. If you were going to do that you might start with an
    NTE-1954 (a 1 amp regulator and cheaper) as your reference regulator
    and boost that with power transistors. The whole point is to avoid the
    complexity and losses of a DC to DC conversion process. Keep it
  4. How very magenta. (;-) 240 precious watts wasted. The Earth will become
    a cinder overnight! (;-)
  5. PeteS

    PeteS Guest

    Because it may be homework. There are suitable circuits in app notes
    easily find-able through google at all the usual suspects web sites,
    but the professors know all those canned circuits ;)

    If the OP is a little more forthcoming on more details (required
    transient response, load variations etc.) he may get more help


  6. If you use a simple series regulator, you throw away 120W. Adding some
    complexity could save some of that power.
  7. Guest

    Getting rid of 24W isn't all that simple. The NTE933 is a linear

    Simple switching regulators avoid that particular problem.
  8. Guest

    Be your age. Getting rid of 120W without driving a linear regulator
    into thermal overload protection is hard work and requires a big
    heatsink with a low thermal resistance to ambient, which usually means

    It isn't the earth that turns into a cinder overnight, but the project
  9. Why? It's dull being 68 and a bit. I'd rather be my shoe-size (British
    size, preferably, but I'll settle for Continental).
    Indeed. I abjectly apologise for writing 240 W in error.
    You haven't understood a bit, have you? What do you think is the
    significance of that odd word 'magenta' in this context? Followed by a
    ridiculously exaggerated comment about global warming?
  10. Guest

    I've managed to write 24W at another point in the is thread, which was
    just as abjectly in error - senior moments seem to start at 63
    (possibly earlier).
    Haven't a clue - a google search on "magenta" and another on
    "magenta+global+warming" didn't help either. Do tell ...
  11. Magenta is the complementary colour of green - as near to an 'opposite'
    as you can get in the context.

    I think we should form an International Magenta Party, to combat the
    worst excesses of the green movement. You know, opposing the restoration
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    Members would be required to eat five portions a day of magenta food,
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    [1] Far more serious is the proposal from a group of British MPs to
    raise the car tax on cars with a fuel consumption that they consider
    'high' to £1800 a year, and even family cars would attract £1500 tax.
    Considering what that would do to the values of the cars, it amounts to
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    Prescott's Jaguars would, of course be exempt, as they are 'essential'.
  12. Guest

    I can follow the logic.
    If you want my opinion of the worst excesses of the green movement, it
    is their tendency to over-state and over-simplify their case. I've
    pretty much lost patience with the Dutch branch of Greenpeace -
    listening to them is like being exposed to a non-stop TV commercial, a
    continuous stream of emotionally loaded non sequiteurs. Worse, my wife
    still gives them money ...

    Once the rent-a-crowd fanatics latch onto a cause, no matter how
    worthy, principle goes out the window. Fundamentalist Christians and
    fundamentalist muslims provide endless examples - one of the stronger
    arguments against the existence of god is his failure to spend a few
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  13. Aren't you forgetting someone?
  14. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    Hahah!!!- lemme guess....
  15. Beat her.

    At Scrabble, of course.
    I entirely agree with you. That must be a nice change, seeing how almost
    all of your posts are received. (;-)
  16. Aren't you forgetting someone?[/QUOTE]

    Phat Thingy? No, I don't support the summary execution of imbeciles.
  17. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    Phat Thingy? No, I don't support the summary execution of imbeciles.[/QUOTE]


    ...Jim Thompson
  18. Phat Thingy? No, I don't support the summary execution of imbeciles.[/QUOTE]

    So at what IQ can you perform summary execution?

  19. What's yours? (;-)
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