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DC/DC 12/24v to 3.3 and 5v ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by ElderUberGeek, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. I have a board that has components requiring both 5v and 3.3v supply.
    The unit is supposed to be powered from a 12v or 24v battery.
    Can anyone suggest such a dual output DC/DC converter? Needs to be PCB
    mounted and of course inexpensive... (and should preferable handle
    polarity changes in source).
    Apart from the above, if BOM cost is to be minimized, would it be
    better to build it from discretes or not worth the hassle?

  2. how much current?

  3. Good question. I honestly don't know yet because it is still in design
    stage. But no great power consumption (safely less then 500mA?)
  4. On which rail though...
    The answer depends massively on the relative loadings involved. One
    solution (for instance), would be a chopper supply delivering 5v, and a
    LDO, delivering 3.3. This is likely to be significantly cheaper than a
    dual output chopper, and if the 3.3v current is relatively low, losses
    will still be fairly small.

    Best Wishes
  5. Guest

    Check this report at

  6. Riscy

    Riscy Guest

    There is ton of DC/DC in (USA):-Newark, Digikey, (UK):- RS and Farnell
    components catalogue, visit website and order parts. Traco version is
    cheapest but not the best product. Beware some output are regulated
    and some are not.
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