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DC Auto Iris

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by J. Michaels, Jul 25, 2004.

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  1. J. Michaels

    J. Michaels Guest

    Can someone explain to me what are the functions of the wires are in a
    DC auto iris lens cable? I replaced a CCTV camera recently that was
    installed by another individual that is no longer with my company.
    The older unit had an auto iris lens that was wired to a single pole
    wall switch (there are no additional outlets or electrical devices
    attached to this wall switch). The wall switch allowed me to disable
    the power to the auto iris lens, but continue recording the audio in
    the room and the on-screen text information (time and date). The
    older lens unit only had a red, white, and silver wire with the red
    wire attached to the wall switch.

    On the newer auto iris lens, there are 4 wires: brown (control -), red
    (control +), yellow (drive +), and orange (drive -). I have no idea
    which wire will allow me to do have the same functionality as
    previously mentioned. I would like to turn off the wall switch and
    have the auto iris close, and turn on the switch to have the iris

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