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DC-AC inverter Caution

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by fs, Jul 17, 2004.

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  1. fs

    fs Guest

    I have been looking for a replacement of my older DC-AC inverter to go
    camping and hook up inside my truck and wired up as code with the natural at
    ground and case ground potential. Going over several DC-AC Sinewave Power
    inverters there seems like there is only a few that DO a good job without
    noise riding on the output, and provide the kind of output that I need. The
    requirement I was looking for was that the NATURAL of the AC out must be at
    case ground. I looked at some of the lower cost ( WAGAN sinewave) and others
    inverters, and their so called natural was floating above ground as part of
    the sinewave. The reason is that when I hooked these inverters up to my
    camping trailer that normally plugs into the camping site AC power the AC
    line going to the Camper is hooked up as it should be, natural and ground is
    hooked to camper ground as required by code. I used this to power the small
    AC lights and other devices plugged into the inside AC sockets running from
    the Trucks DC battery supply. Now here is the problem that is very
    DANGEROUS, and should be looked into. From the cheaper modified sine wave
    or puresinewave inverters from many of manufactures, the NATURAL side of the
    AC out is HOT ( part of the waveform to save a small cost in building) , the
    problem is that if someone touches the truck, and the camper next to it
    guess what BAD SHOCK. Keep this in mind if you are hooking the inverter to
    something wired external. Some of the Xantrex Modified Sine Wave Inverters
    ,Prowatt,and Portawattz and their Prosine series,have this with grounded
    natural output, and EXELTECK seem to also has a good grounded AC natural
    with a clean sinewave output. I do not know about Samlex sinewave series but
    I am looking for more input.
  2. Ian Stirling

    Ian Stirling Guest

    You mean NEUTRAL.
  3. fs

    fs Guest


    spellcheck screwed up.
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