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dbx/ hx pro mod

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jun 12, 2007.

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    i have a couple of broken cassette decks. one with dbx, one with hx
    pro. was wanting to experiment with tapping into both the dbx and hx
    pro circuits (in/out), making them independent processing units. i
    would like to use these on other tape based recorders that don't have
    them, but could, hopefully, benefit from using their noise reduction/
    headroom extension.

    i am not a fully knowledgable tech. i can solder and diagnose/
    locate minor things, and can repair/ replace parts very well with
    direction. my ideas exceed my education. mainly, if someone points
    to something or says "this does that, and here's what you need to
    do..", i can do it. i don't necessarily know why, but am learning.

    i'm really wanting to turn this into a useable project. could someone
    with specific technical knowledge let me know (before i tear into my
    cassette decks) if it is technically possible to tap into the hx pro/
    dbx circuits (through rewiring, ect). i'd like to be able to go into
    stereo rca/quarter inch inputs, through the hx pro/ dbx circuit
    processing, then out through rca/ quarter inch outs to a separate tape

    with hx pro, if i'm not mistaken, there is a bias adjustment signal
    applied to the tapehead to allow for less high end distortion. would
    this change things with the wiring? in other words, would the bias
    adjustment signal not be able to transfer through rca/ quarter inch
    jacks, but rather have to be hard wired to the circuit of the separate
    tape recorder, going straight to the heads (i hope not)?

    with dbx, i realize that it's a two way process needing to be recorded
    onto tape then used to process during playback. so, would i need two
    sets of in/out jacks for compressing (in)/ monitoring (out), and
    recorded signal (in)/ expanding (out)?

    i feel more interested in the hx pro method, than dbx, but would like
    to know about both. i know that there are pro audio independent dbx
    processors, but am interested in knowing if a broken cassette deck
    with dbx can be turned into an independent processor itself.

    specifically, i want to use the hx pro with recording onto 8 track
    cartridges. i'd like to extend their headroom, lowering the noise
    floor. is this technically possible? does hx pro have some cassette-
    specific eq applied to it, that wouldn't work with the 1/4" tape in 8
    tracks? seems like it should be able to work, somehow, because - 1)
    isn't a circuit, a circuit?! as long as you do it right, can't you
    send something through it, getting something different on the other
    end...good or bad? 2) even though 8 tracks use 1/4 inch tape, the
    track sizes are the same as cassette. the difference being that they
    are recorded at 3 3/4 inches per second vs. 1 7/8.

    secondarily, i want to use this with vhs and reel to reel technology,
    but realize that it may not be necessary since they both have
    relatively lower noise floors.

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