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DB25 pinout

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Hai Ly Hoang, Oct 27, 2003.

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  1. Hai Ly Hoang

    Hai Ly Hoang Guest

    My DB25 connector (used for parallel port) has 2 row
    Row A: 13 pin
    Row B: 12 pin
    How can I find the pin number 1 on the connector. Which direction does we
    number the pin ? What is the phylosophy of numbering ?
    Thank in advance.
  2. The markings are almost always molded into the plastic, look closely
    at the mating cable or the connector.

    They are numbered from one side to the other in two rows, not in a
    circular pattern like ICs. "1" is on the longer row.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
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