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daylight saving

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by F Murtz, Oct 3, 2010.

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  1. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    why has my computer not changed to daylight saving today and my my htc
    phone on optus has?
    The computer has the right time, date and zone, and change for daylight
    saving ticked.
  2. terryc

    terryc Guest

    Is timezone set correctly?
    Otherwise, the data file o when daylight saving starts in that zone is
    probably incorrect.
    Performed an update recently?
  3. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    GMT+10:00 Canberra,Melbourne Sydney.
  4. David Segall

    David Segall Guest

    One of my three Windows XP computers got it right! I can't see any
    difference between the time zone settings on that computer and the
    other two. Of course, my Linux server was fine.
  5. Don McKenzie

    Don McKenzie Guest

    I am in Darwin right now, iPhone users in total confusion when Telstra shortened their night by an hour.
    Almost a civil war up here. I'll be flying back to Tulla today, and will pass through 3 time zones via Darwin, Adelaide,
    and Melbourne. Left the netbook XP on Melbourne settings, and it looks fine.

    NT is now .5H out with SA, and 1.5H out with the eastern states. Bloody pollies!!!
    No wonder we can't get anything else right, if we can't agree on a simple thing like a time standard.

    Cheers Don...


    Don McKenzie

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  6. Metro

    Metro Guest

    A windows update last week updated DLS settings for
  7. Mr.T

    Mr.T Guest

    As already suggested, the time zone details in the registry are wrong. Only
    one of your computers has the latest updates obviously.

  8. qmod

    qmod Guest

    No probs with DST here in the far north, we aint got none. bugger all
    difference between day and night times all the year round
  9. David Segall

    David Segall Guest

    I noted the post but was skeptical because my "main" computer which is
    always on got it wrong. Anyway, I downloaded the latest updates but
    both of them were hardware. I rebooted and even asked for an update
    from a time server but, as you can see, it is still wrong.
  10. Last week?! It was more than two years ago!
    However (if you're not in WA and don't liaise with anyone there) if you
    count the ending of the WA DST trial, (which was last year sometime),
    then at worst, you would be a year behind updates, not a week.

    And if you don't want to apply normal windows updates just for DST (or
    not in a position to do that) there are third-party utilities that'll
    do it for you.

    Of course, this only applies to XP and 2003 server, Win7 has the
    corrections (after the olympics DST fiasco where they changed the DST
    rules three times in as many years) in place.
    If you're still using 2000, there are patches there too (and utilities).

    Bloody hell. If I were King President of the world, I'd outright ban
    DST and be done with it. The confusion it causes isn't work the stress.
    And I'm not talking about the twice a year minor inconvenience either,
    it's getting time zones right when organising conference calls with
    idiots who get it wrong, and complain when they're an hour late. Or

    Then again, if I were *actually* the King President, DST would be the
    least of your worries.
  11. Metro

    Metro Guest

  12. Metro

    Metro Guest

  13. Mr.T

    Mr.T Guest

    I'm guessing the "updates" you installed had nothing to do with Australian
    Time zone changes. The problem stems from the Mainland states increasing
    their daylight saving periods. The time zone data is in the registry and can
    be edited manually if you know what you are doing. Otherwise check out the
    Microsoft web site for necessary fixes. Or a quick "fix" is to simply set
    your time zone for Tasmania.

  14. (slaps forehead) Fine, I'm going to have to spell it out for you.

    That last update (Sep 2010) only affects Middle East, Namibia, and US
    Eastern. Which, the last time I checked, have nothing to do with
    AUSTRALIAN dst times which was what we where talking about.

    This *IS* a cumulative update however, and also includes the previous
    update (May 2010) for Bangladesh, Fiji, Kamchatka, Morocco, Pacific SA,
    Paraguay, and Syria.
    None of which contain Australia (note the lack of "australia" in the
    words above".

    The one before that, (Dec 2009) for Argentina, Central Brazilian, E.
    South America, Egypt, Georgian, Greenland, Jerusalem, Morocco, N.
    Central Asia, North Asia East, Pakistan, Paraguay, Ulaanbaatar, and,
    **** me sideways I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself,
    Western Australia.

    Holy ****, what have I been trying to tell you? That last *AUSTRALIAN*
    update was nearly a year old, more than that as far as WA was affected
    though, not a problem if you updated then though.

    So, if you're as anal as I think you are about updates (you DID note
    Sep 2010) you would have been aware that particular update didn't
    contain australian updates, nor the one before that. The one that
    actually DID, was nearly a year old, which was exactly the one I told
    you about in my quote above (which you conveniently removed).

    Next time you want to play the smart arse, try actually READING the
    Microsoft Knowledge Base articles first. You might learn something.
  15. Metro

    Metro Guest

    Thanks for that info. It was helpful. I think though that you should address
    one of your ' conference calls ' to that of 'Stress Management. You sound
    that you need counselling quit soon.
  16. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    FWIW tpg is on brisbane time too.
    which time locale did you pick?
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