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datasheet wanted ;-)

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Marte Schwarz, Nov 4, 2005.

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  1. Hi all,

    does anyone knows where to find datasheets for

    2N4147 should be a scr
    2SK193 should be a N-FET

    I have a few of them but only bare datas around. May be somebody can help

  2. This site:
    covers the 2SK193, and has a short form table of data on the 2N4147.

    Here is a Google cache of a now nonexistent page that also covers most
    of the specs.
  3. John Popelish wrote...
    Are you sure, I don't see the 2SK193 there.

    BTW, many sites suggest the 2n5484 instead. Or the
    elegant sst5484 and mmbf5484 sot-23 surface-mount JFETs.
  4. Whoops! I saw 2SK193 in bold, and didn't see that that there is
    another digit on the end, much dimmer.

    Here is a parts list that has a short form summary of the properties
    of the 2SK193/
  5. Thanks John & Winfried,

    the short forms i ound in too. But there is no
    datasheet anywhere? Nobody produces these parts? Are they fallen from
    heaven? There where a few hints to NEC, thungten, ... but their websites
    dont know these types. Any other Hints for good search sites?

  6. Marte Schwarz wrote...
    Move on to newer parts.
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