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[datasheet request] Cirrus Logic CS92288

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by jmbussat, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. jmbussat

    jmbussat Guest


    I'm looking into writing a Linux driver for a USB video interface that
    used to be
    sold by Pinnacle and then Dazzle (DV150). The hardware is very simple
    but I
    am missing a crucial piece of information.
    The video to MPEG conversion is done by a Cirrus Logic CS92288.
    sold its video business to Magnum semiconductors which apparently
    have anything that looks similar to the Cirrus chip anymore.

    Searches on the web only return the product brief that doesn't contain
    usable information. Unfortunately, many web pages refer to this brief
    as a
    "datasheet". The searches also return information about a reference
    that looks almost identical to the DV150 (interesting no?).

    So, I'm looking for the following:

    The CS92288 datasheet
    The CS92288 programing manual (user's manual)
    The user's manual of the USB-DVR reference design based on the CS92288

    The best would be a copy of the CD that came with the reference design
    hardware (that contains all of the above+software examples and other

    Thanks in advance for any type of help in locating this information.

  2. Tony Burch

    Tony Burch Guest

    Hi JMB,
    I understand. Getting a copy of the CD could be the only way.
    If Cirrus cannot or will not help you, then I found the page of a guy on the
    web who was involved with business development for this product. Maybe you
    could send him an email. He may be able to put you in touch with someone who
    could get the CD for you

    Hope that helps.

    Anthony Burch
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