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Datasheet Reference Book

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by numberdude, Oct 11, 2003.

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  1. numberdude

    numberdude Guest

    I've been looking for datasheets for various transsistors with limited
    success. Is there a reference book I can buy that has detailed info on
    various transistors? I found lots of info on 2n2222 and 2n3904 transistors,
    but no luck on less common ones like 2n3866. I need info on input and output
    impedances to be used in matching networks. Thanks.

    Allen Arnold
  2. For personal projects I
    usually check google, go to the manufacturer website. If that doesn't
    work I email them for the specs and most of them are more than happy
    to help.

  3. I'm not aware of any databooks that list information on Zin/Zout etc.
    For that you would normally check the datasheet for the individual
    device concerned. Try Googling for "2N3866 datasheet" and see what it
    throws up. I generally find what I need this way.
  4. Allen Arnold wrote...
    Well, Allen, the 3n3866 has been discontinued for many years, if not
    decades! But I do have 10 different data sheets in my collection.
    An old Motorola 6-page version has 19 figures plotting admittance vs
    frequency among the various parameters. A newer 4-page Motorola data
    sheet is missing most of those figures, but instead has s-parameter
    Smith charts that look useful. A 9-page Philips sheet has lots of
    circuit diagrams reminding me of the old RCA data sheet.

    I'd be happy to email you those three data sheets if you like.

    As for databooks, it's hard to get them out of manufacturers these
    days, so flea markets and eBay auctions have become prime sources.
    But ON Semi (formerly Motorola) has their recent databooks online,,4858,databooks_0,00.html

    For example, you can download DL126-D, which is a 1135-page Small-
    Signal Transistor Databook, and DL110-D, a 1449-page RF & IF Device
    Databook (but it won't have an old 2n3866 in it). But watch out,
    these are 15.4MB and 18.9MB files! Actually not bad, considering
    the number of pages and the amount of graphics contained therein.

    - Win

  5. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

  6. Fred Bloggs wrote...
    Yes, Advanced Semiconductor, plus Central Semiconductor, General
    Transistor Corp, Semicoa and Semelab, according to FreeTradeZone.

    But all the mainline manufacturers have long-since dropped it, and
    mainline distributors don't have it. With the exception of Central
    Semi parts from Future, who says "in stock" but requires a minimum
    purchase of 500 pieces, or from Mouser, who has 291 pieces in stock
    and sells them at $1.50 each. :">) I wonder where Allen got his?

    Hmm, has Mouser quietly become a mainline distributor? They've
    recently added massive inventory and now hold the best selection
    available anywhere for Fairchild Semi (15886 items listed) and
    STMicroelectronics (9080 items). Great for power-MOSFET users
    who are seeking new advanced-technology parts!

    - Win

  7. Rather annoyingly, the latter seems to have been removed. :-(
  8. Paul Burridge wrote...
    What? Surely it was there this morning? Ackk, I suppose ON Semi
    has gone on the discontinued-part routine again, killing their RF
    parts this time, and they don't want folks thinking they're still
    offering parts in the databook. But what about all the customers
    who still need to check on their part's specs? Sheesh!

    I'll be happy to send anyone who needs a copy of the 18.9MB file in
    my computer, would that help? Of course, it's a bit too big for an
    email attachment. :>)

    - Win

  9. Thanks. Is it possible you could upload it to a wesite so that others
    can d/load it at their convenience?
  10. Paul Burridge wrote...
    Only if you ask nicely. :>) I'll see what I can do.

    - Win

  11. Winfield Hill wrote...
    OK, you can download Motorola / ON Semiconductor's 1449-page
    RF Transistor databook here,

    - Win

  12. Okay. "Pretty please with sugar on it - can you please make the RF
    data available to us plebs."
  13. R.Legg

    R.Legg Guest

  14. legg

    legg Guest

    It is also only 688 pages long ????

    Get Paul/Win's version, if you have the patience or bandwidth, while
    you can.

  15. I grabbed one last night. Went to bed at midnight and left the
    computer to get on with it. :)
    Win looks very dignified at his bench, doesn't he? I wish I had that
    much hair left. :-(
  16. legg wrote...
    Get them both. The long one is DL110-D rev 12, dated 01/02/01,
    and has more older data sheets. It'd be nice to get even older
    versions as .pdf files, hopefully containing some of Motorola's
    classic RF-transistor data sheets. These books are filled with
    CATV amplifiers, 900MHz cell-phone amps, 2GHz 3G-cell-amps etc.

    The older book has more interesting items, such as the MC145193
    PLL frequency-synthesizer, which is discontinued. Both books
    have some other PLL parts, such their venerable MC145170, and
    the MC51515x family. The new book is missing the MCH MCK12140
    phase frequency-detector, and the rest of the MC12xxx and 13xxx
    stuff. And the MC12095 prescaler, the MC12147 oscillator and
    more cool stuff like that, even though one can still find these
    parts in the distribution chain. R.I.P.

    Aha! Poking around Motorola US I found DL110/D rev 14 (2/2003),
    It has 882 pages but has grown to 20.4 Mbytes.

    Get all three!

    Also get DL209 filled with 109 pages of CATV distribution amps,
    and DL200, the Sensors Device Data Book, 670 pages and 6.9MB,

    - Win

  17. budgie

    budgie Guest

    Thanks for that, d/l-ed it here.

    Interestingly, I looked up three consecutive devices and found a
    common error in the data provided. Has me beat, as these are
    long-in-the-tooth components and one would have expected Motorola to
    have debugged the data sheets by now. The only dateline I could
    locate was 2001 in Chapter 11.

    MC12026A/B - p4.2-4
    MC12038A - p4.2-9
    MC12052A - p4.2-13
    Toggle frequency (sine wave input) ft
    Min 0.1 typ 1.4 max 1.1 (GHz)

    Am I missing something?
  18. R.Legg

    R.Legg Guest

    Toggle frequency (sine wave input) ft
    Typical performance vs guaranteed performance.

    Don't toggle with sine below 100mHz or above 1100mHz, for rated
    performance, even if everything looks ok at 1400MHz or 60MHz.

  19. budgie

    budgie Guest

    (Checks date ...)

    Nope, don't believe that for a moment. Look at the operating
  20. R.Legg

    R.Legg Guest

    Again, the envelope is labelled 'typical', not worst-case or guaranteed.

    A spec is a spec.

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