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Datasheet needed

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Rok Sitar, Aug 4, 2004.

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  1. Rok Sitar

    Rok Sitar Guest

    Need datasheet for TDA1085A. If anybody has it please help me!
  2. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    If you know the manufacturer, find their website and use their search
  3. Rok Sitar wrote...
    I have Plessey's TDA1085C datasheet. Presumably that's a more
    advanced version of their phase-control motor controller chip.

    BTW, Mitel bought GEC Plessey, then I think Zarlink bought the
    line, and has now discontinued it... Anyway, you're in luck,
    ON Semi still makes the TDA1085 in the C version (442 in stock
    at DigiKey, for only $1.68 each). I have Motorola's TDA1085A
    and TDA1085C datasheets, if that's of any help. The Plessey
    5-page TDA1085C datasheet has a very detailed but very hard-
    to-understand schematic, while the 12-page ON Semi datasheet
    has a detailed "block diagram" schematic that looks useful.

    The TDA1085 looks like a pretty useful chip. Anyone?

    You may remember that Motorola's linear ICs went to ON Semi,
    and the rest of their ICs just went to Freescale. < sigh >
  4. Winfield Hill wrote...
    Sadly, it doesn't look so useful at a second glance. While
    the drawing may have all the necessary elements, conveniently
    pared down to the essentials, it's so badly drawn as to be
    nearly useless. The voltages, currents and signals are not
    arranged top to bottom, up to down or any other sensible way,
    except to say, "Where's the nearest edge?" to make landfall
    for a package pinout location. Anyone seeking to design with
    this IC will have to completely redraw the schematic before
    getting underway. I do believe that poor documentation like
    this can help to spell the death knell for a chip.
  5. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Haven't seen the "flavor" of the data sheet you have, but here's yet another
    for you to look at from Motorola.

    I'll hazard a guess Motorola documentation may be "slightly" better.

    Thanks, Steve
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