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Datasheet for old Roxkwell CPU

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by tommiy, Jan 1, 2004.

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  1. tommiy

    tommiy Guest

    I'm chasing info on the Rockwell PPS4/2 Microprocessor and its
    accompanied chipset. Appears that there is no information on the net at ALL
    about these chips anymore ;( Any information would be appreciated. For
    instance the part number of 11660CF (CPU), 10738 (BIC), 10788 (GPK), 11696
    (PIO), A1761/2 (RAM/ROM).

  2. I think you might have better success by posting to a newsgroup that
    is more appropriate, such as alt.arch.imbedded. There are others
    also, such as in the comp.sys. whatever heirarchy.

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  3. tommiy

    tommiy Guest

    hmm that makes no sense....why would anyone ask an embedded news group about
    datasheets for an original 4 bit processor from the earlier 70's? I can't
    see how that group is more appropriate......
  4. tommiy

    tommiy Guest

    Don't know where you get the sockets from these days but I have a recel
    poker plus thats dead and almost no data....anything you can find and send
    would be the way every IC on the recel board is socketed!!!

    I've been looking on the net and there isn't much info on the recel at came with a manual but doesn't actually boot or enter the self
    diagnostics. I've been over the thing with a logic probe and pulser and the
    multiplex board appears ok but there appears to be no IO coming from the
    second ROM...problem is I don't know if thats becase the ROM is dead or that
    its not enabled ;(
  5. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Because some of us old farts who were conversant in the older hardware
    might not read this NG, although I happen to be one who does. Besides,
    it makes sense to consult uP/uC bigots when your questions regard one or
  6. I have some info on RECEL at the shop, but can't recall if that game
    used the RAM/ROM/I-O or a separate ROM.

    I haven't found the PDF but it's around here somewhere...have you a
    large email box?

    John :-#)#

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  7. tommiy

    tommiy Guest

    hmm nice to know that I'm officially an old fart ;) been ignoring what my
    kids have been telling me for ages now !!! ;)
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