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DATAMAN s4 eprom programmer , looking for GAL adaptor...

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jps, Jun 23, 2010.

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  1. Jps

    Jps Guest

    Hi guys.
    I'm a student, and i'm entering the world of the chip programming.
    I have acquired a dataman s4, and i would like to use some pal and gal chip.
    I know that an adaptor it's needed, but anyone that own it know if it's
    possible to build this ? Anyone know this or have some schematics?
    Thank you so much from europe!
  2. Jps

    Jps Guest

    Yes i have asked too , but they don't give wiring or other! And
    unfortunately i can't afford to buy this!
  3. I don't think that is correct. I've had an S4 for years and don't remember
    them making the plans for an adapter, to make it yourself, available.

    Many of their adapters aren't just socket changers, many are multi-layered
    and have some onboard logic.

    I think the pricing is fair for them although some do get kind of expensive.
    Just amazes me they keep supporting that thing (S4) being it's been out for
    like 15 years now.


  4. I dunno, maybe I'm confused.

    That pdf is just for the not-common pin-to-pin compatability for prom/eprom
    stuff, right?

    The OP was asking about the gal/pal programming, which I think with the S4
    can only be done with the $300 adapter.

    The adapter and how to build it isn't in that pdf or anywhere else on the

    I found my S4 but the box of adapter modules is mia, I don't think I ever
    ordered the gal/pal one but there was another, I think for 68 pin MOT
    something or others and it was similar, wasn't just a pin adapter but like a
    whole new programmer built to fit into the ZIF socket on the S4.

    Seems like those would be proprietary unless they decided to public domain
    the whole thing.

  5. Jps

    Jps Guest

    The OP was asking about the gal/pal programming, which I think with the S4
    Unfortunately, i cannot afford it, it's too much for my pocket, in this way
    i think i will cannot program any PAL / GAL chip...any idea?
  6. Pick up a cheap Xeltec programmer - even the older ones could handle
    PAL/GAL ICs directly. The original SuperPro and later ones using the
    parallel port are well under $150US.

    I know other inexpensive Eprom programmers can also do the job. We have
    five or so different manufacturers Eprom burners in our shop - a bit

    John :-#)#

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