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data structure in spice source code

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Dilips, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Dilips

    Dilips Guest


    Can anybody please tell me, how to print the matrix formed during
    spice simulation. I am interested in seeing the values of the matrix
    formed from various circuits.

    Can sombody please guide me as to which data structure will the matrix
    be in the spice code and how to see its value during simulation?

  2. joseph2k

    joseph2k Guest

    Quite simple really, get any of several free versions of spice source code
    and compile it for debugging. Start up a simulation and go wading through
    the data set. Once you have done that, you may know enough to print that
    data you are after from your modified version of spice. Aside from that,
    you seem to be quite the blazing idiot to even attempt such a thing.
  3. Dilips

    Dilips Guest

    I have to give the matrix I obtain to another module for some research
    I am pursuing. I am not familiar with spice3. Could you please
    elaborate on wading through data set. It is really important that I
    get a hold of this matrix.

  4. joseph2k

    joseph2k Guest

    Google for spice source code. Get a version you like, compile for debugging
    and run it in a debugger. You should even have all the relevant variable
    names from the source code.
  5. John Barrett

    John Barrett Guest

    You dont even have to compile for debug -- just find where the code builds
    the matrix and dump it to a file in some usable format just before the
    program starts simulation. No need to wade through an executing program.

    Use The Code, Luke !! :)
  6. joseph2k

    joseph2k Guest

    I have used the code. I just let it execute and sample the intermediate
    state; you would analyze it and write one or more files somewhere while it
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